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05.09.2017 - 15:36
Malphas' Blessing!

Today we've got two news for you:

First of all, we want to present you a new Forgotten Stories Soundtrack named "Our Mark on this World". It will be played during an imortant quest of the DLC.

And secondly, we want to point out that we now have a public Discord Server - Meant for everyone who wants to discuss the story, help in the wiki or just to chat with fellow Endraleans.

Follow this link in order to join.

Walk blessed :)
05.04.2017 - 23:22
The Game Award finally arrived after 6 months of waiting!

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last years!

It really means a lot to us! :)

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03.27.2017 - 21:27
Enderal Patch is downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A58
Patch size: ~330 MB


  • Cleaned and sanitized hundreds of custom meshes in Enderal.

  • "A New Beginning" (MQ01): More pumpkin and mana fungi will count for the objectives. Also, a bug with one of the fungi, causing the EP to not be added, is fixed.
  • "A New Beginning" (MQ01): The scene with Finn and Carbos works now properly even if the player is not sitting.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b): The scene at the door now tolerates Taranor's pathfinding failures (not pretty, but it's working).
  • "The Shards of Order, Part I" (MQ15): Two possible reasons for stage 20 not being reached have been fixed.
  • "Part Of Something Momentous, Brave New World" (MQ05, MQ18a): A bug causing freezes in several quest scenes has been fixed.

  • Fixed leaks at the suncoast, around Thalgard, in Riverville, in the Abandoned Tower, in the Abandoned Temple, in the Museum, in the Scuola, in the Temple of Riverville, in the Glowstone Grotto, in the Old Shadow Steel Mine, in Old Aïsolôn, in Castle Dal’Galar, in Dal’Geyss Estate, in the Whisperforest, in the Heartlands, around Fogville, at the King’s Mountain Pass, in Old Dothûlgrad and at the Living Temple.

  • Fixed floats in Old Rashengrad, at the Suncoast and at the Farmers Coast.
  • The player can't accidentally steal items from gambling tables anymore.
  • Fixed lightning in the Scuola.
  • Fixed Z-Fighting in the Scuola, in the Frostcliff Tavern, at the Living Temple and in Old Aïsolôn.
  • Fixed small amounts of navmesh at the Suncoast, in Riverville and in the Dark Valley, redone the whole navmesh on the Isle of Kor.
  • Fixed a small bug causing Carbos to be stuck near the campfire.
  • Second attempt to fix the invisible bridge near Ark.
  • Fixed Myrad Tower inconsistencies.
  • Fixed the load door for Old Yogosh.
  • Fixed bounds in Fogwatch.
  • Fixed collision in and around Fogville and in the Living Temple.
  • Rocks will be correctly displayed and culled in the Starship.
  • Fixed railing in the Suntemple.
  • Bandits at the Farmers Coast do not respawn.

  • Fixed the following bugs with the minigame "Battle of Treomar": The cards will be replaced correctly after getting caught cheating. The message of being caught cheating will be displayed before the decision to roll dices. The commitment of the enemy will be correctly decreased if the player was caught cheating. Whether the enemy decides to roll the dices does no longer depend on a random float, the AI makes much smarter decisions but still plays with high risk. The enemy does get his money removed correctly after rolling the dices.

  • Jakarl Surfrider has an outfit again.
  • Fixed the new Arcane Fever message, which will now display the new arcane fever value rather than the old one.
  • Arcane Fever Mali will be displayed properly in the spell menu.
  • If the player has more than one mount and uses his horseflute, it won't summon both mounts.
  • Soul Trapping now has a new system. Messages show which kind of soul was captured if any and soul gems with captured souls now can be dropped and stored in containers without losing their soul. Does not include Black Soul Gems, as those use a slightly different system, unfortunately (Important note: Only works for souls captured AFTER this patch.) - Many thanks to "bluedanieru" who has allowed us to use a part of the scripts of his Mysticism mod for Skyrim for this.
  • Fixed greyface bug by Nathalia Poppyflower.
  • Burnt meat will render correctly.
  • Fixed some non-hostile frost elemental.
  • The Dunehome entrance guard no longer forcegreets the player every time he enters.

  • Bound weapons now do less damage but the damage scales with the Entropy skill.
  • Fixed the value of some spellbooks.

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03.09.2017 - 17:45
We can finally present to you the second devblog about the "Forgotten Stories" DLC. Today we will take a look at a brand new class: "The Phasmalist".

Thanks to GamesNine for recording and voicing the video.
German and english subtitles are available!

Let us know what you think about the video!
03.02.2017 - 21:39
As you may know, we've got a wiki - in german and english - regarding our games, so that players can inform themselves about the lore, world, quests, items etc. It's basically an encyclopedia for SureAI games.

Sadly, we only have a few contributors at the moment.

And that's the reason why I write this "request".

The core dev team is fully concentrated on bug fixing and creating new content for Enderal: Forgotten Stories. So, our capacities are already pretty much maxed out.
But we really want to get the wiki going and growing - we need your help to build it!

What needs to be done in the wiki? We need cool looking, but informative articles!
Any help is welcome:
  • creating screenshots, icons or vidoes to construct illustrative pages like this one from the first quest
  • writing playthroughs for quests
  • analysing and explaining game mechanics
  • writing about the persons, locations, flora, fauna and lore
  • ...and much more...

What is required to be a contributor?
  • love for digging into the lore, quests, etc.
  • fun at writing/reading
  • basic knowledge (optimal fluent) in either english or german

Having a basic knowledge about the Creation Kit or similar tools is not required, but makes your time searching for stuff easier. If you have trouble e.g. with the wiki formatting or setting up / using the CK, we'll help you of course.
I know, this all sounds much, but let me tell you that you don't need to write an article per day. No rush. :)

What are the gains of being a contributor?
  • Well written/crafted articles will be featured (without spoilers) on the wiki mainpage.
  • You will get the "Wiki-Team" flair at our subreddit, furthermore there will be a "Wiki-Team" group (with name badge) at our forums.
  • Mention in the credits!
  • Access to the contributor chat group (Skype/Discord) for fast pace communication, coordination and also for general chatting.
  • You'll get first-hand information and access to our internal changelog.
  • Early information about Forgotten Stories (when it's done) to prepare new articles.
  • Feeling good to be a helping and guiding hand for other players!

Interested? Register yourself at our website! The login for the wiki and the login for the forum are the same.
Feedback and suggestions are very welcome!

We are really grateful and appreciate all the support you guys gave us already, may it be via patreon, donations, voting at awards, telling your friends about us, doing Let's Plays on YouTube / Twitch, writing awesome reviews and wiki articles, creating mods, helping us fixing bugs, helping other people to solve their problems or just being there talking/chatting about the game.
Thank you!

best regards,

Create a wiki account now and write awesome articles!
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02.19.2017 - 21:10
Enderal Patch is downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A57
Patch size: ~500 MB


  • Cleaned and sanitized (or remodeled entirely) hundreds of custom meshes in Enderal, hopefully resulting in better stability.

  • "Deus Ex Machina" (MQ07b): Hallys reward that he will bring two days after sparing him can now no longer be taken an infinite number of times.
  • "All the dead souls" (MQ11b): Upon interrupting Adila, the game will now no longer quit to main menu but proceed as intended
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Bringing Rynéus all 15 butterflies will result in a bonus to sympathy.
  • "Every day like the last" (CQJ02): If Jespar was stuck in the watchtower scene in “Every Day Like The last, Part II”, the player can now revisit the watchtower and climb to the top by him/herself. The scene will then continue as intended.

  • The "Endralean Noble Garment" now grants better merchant prices as intended.
  • The Unlock-Spells "Ondusis’s Key" now work with a small area effect, making it less unlikely for the projectile to miss.
  • Fixed a bug causing the legs to disappear while wearing the "Robes of the Tribunal".
  • The sound when casting "Focus" should now always play as intended.
  • The screen effect for "Devour Soul" is now shorter and less flashy.
  • Deleted several unused cells that caused errors on load.
  • If Arcane Fever is being increased, the exact amount by which it is being increased now shows in the upper left corner.
  • The player can now no longer drop and store items in the meditation menu.
  • Fixed lots of UI and Tech inconsistencies in the mediation menu.
  • Mirella now should be fixed for real - deleted all factions but her main merchant and the crime faction from her.
  • Fire Enchantments now should properly scale with magnitude.
  • Fixed perk lines in the sinistrope tree.

  • Fixed various leaks in Thalgrad, Old Dothûlgrad, Castle dal'Galar, Andrastes' house, Brownrock Cave, at the Frostcliff Mountains, Suncoast, Heartlands, Dark Valley, Keltyzar, Waterhaze Maw, the Forbidden Tunnels, the City of a thousands Floods, in the Satrcity.

  • Fixed various floats in Fortress Kitchen, Dark Valley, Frostcliff Mountains, in the powder desert.
  • Fixed collision in Chronikum, Fat Leoran, Old Three River Camp, in the City of a Thousand Floods.
  • Fixed terrain traps in the Wisperwoods, the City of a Thousands Floods.
  • Fixed bleeds in the Fat Leoran, False Dog.
  • Fixed navmesh in Clearwater Cave and in the Soul Bed.
  • Ark has been further optimized.
  • Fixed the disfigured tree near the mountain pass at Riverville.

  • Yero's book weighs nothing.
  • The new magelight spells can now be purchased and found more often.
  • The Experimentator doesn’t drop a cheap imitation of the lightbringer anymore.
  • Ark Sewer key weighs nothing.
  • "Life absorption" can only be used on enemies.
  • Boss Ishmartep has increased health by 200.
  • "Sinistrope" and "Trickster" now also trigger the "Arcane Archer"-Affinity.

  • The battle track "Bloodthirst" should now play correctly.
  • Fixed Sound bugs around Fogville and Thalgard. Thanks to OnlyMarvellous.

  • Patch fixed the invisibility of some cards of the minigame "Battle of Tremoar"
  • Patch fixed the vsync setting and added in-launcher .ini manipulation.

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02.06.2017 - 19:11
Prophets and Prophetesses,

we're glad to show you this first episode of our new Enderal-Forgotten Stories Devblog. Thanks to GamesNine for recording this! (Video is only in english, I'm working on subtitles for english and german.)

Also, Nicolas Lietzau, our project lead, is now on Patreon. While there aren't any rewards as of yet, you can support his creative work if you wish.

Enjoy! :)