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11.13.2017 - 01:22
Enderal Patch is downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A65
Patch size: 80 MB


  • The in-game Paper Worldmap is now included! Many thanks to duncanlarsen1 and urst! If you have questions or problems regarding the map, make sure to check out this post in our forum.
  • Delayed the levelup menu pop-up until combat is finished.

  • "Elfriede" (NQ10): Eshra does no longer walk away while talking to the player after setting Elfriede free.
  • "The Sole Place" (NQ11): Fixed a dialogue duplicate.
  • "Divide and Conquer" (NQ12): Fixed typos, vocals and topics.
  • "Trails of the Past" (NQ19): The note now works as intended: It doesn't start the quest a second time if the player has already talked to Tiwon about the quest and starts the quests properly if you read about the quest the first time.
  • "Put Off the Evil Hour" (NQ21): An objective will be displayed properly after talking with Kabar about the Rhalâta.
  • "Like Newly Born" (NQ22): Added an objective so that the player knows what to do after finding all pages of the journal, however it doesn't point to the Apothekari.
  • "Hidden in the Puzzle" (NQ40): Objectives will work as intended.

  • "It Starts with the Dreams" (MQP03): The helpmessage of the puzzle won't be displayed after inserting the key.
  • "The First Steps" (MQ03): Fixed an issue where the player would have a broken arrow after reequipping a bow.
  • "The Word of the Dead" (MQ07a): Fixed an issue in which Jespar wouldn't be present at the Myrad Tower at the Western Cliff.
  • "Deus Ex Machina" (MQ07b): Fixed an issue in which Lishari wouldn't show up after entering Old Dothûlgrad.
  • "All the Dead Souls" (MQ11b): Fixed a rare case of Jespar not being disabled in the first scene in the Dancing Nomad and therefore causing confusion.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The stealth minigame in Dal'Geyss house does not reset multiple times when the player is caught by multiple guards at the same time.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The butterfly minigame now works as intended and the objectives won't be displayed multiple times.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Removed misleading objective at the end of the quest.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b): The game does no longer request multiple autosaves upon entering the gate house. This might prevent a crash.

  • Moved the bucket away from the secure chest at the Marketplace of Ark, so the player won't accidentally pick it up. This only works for new saves.
  • Fixed passage to the blind miner.
  • Fixed three worldspace offsets.
  • Fixed various leaks in the Heartlands and in the Old Watermill.
  • Fixed various floats in the Stranger Area of Ark, at the Suncoast, in the Heartlands, in the Goldenforst and in the Botanicum of the Star City.
  • Fixed an unmineable ore vein.
  • Fixed navmesh at the Suncoast and in the Heartlands.

  • Fixed more issues with the affinty not properly unlocking.
  • The perk "Skaragg Stance" now works as intended. Thanks to reltilie / Ixion XVII!
  • Pieces left behind by an exploding "Starling dummy" will be visible in the inventory upon picking them up.
  • "Fine leather gauntlets" have now the proper model in first person.
  • "Veil of the Ashwarrior" does not clip anymore.
  • Added the Silver Sword and Silver Greatsword blueprints back in.
  • Fixed lots of keywords on armors and weapons. Thanks to gavrant!
  • Fixed object bounds on all books.
  • Adjusted various book models.
  • The books "Account of an unknown traveller, Volume I" and "The life of Torgan Whispertongue, Volume II" no lomger teach pickpocket for no apparent reason.
  • Adjusted keywords and types on multiple books/notes.

  • Fixed multiple persistence and location errors.
  • Removed tree nodes in AVBlock.
  • Removed unused things (worldspaces, items etc).
  • Cleaned up original Skyrim locations.
  • Extended RemoveAllItemsSafeVersion.

  • Merrol Booksnopper is now always in the Museum.
  • Elumund Nobleyarn sells stuff again.
  • Prince Mith's groupies won't worship him after the siege.
  • Prisoner at the Sawmill attacks properly upon entering combat.

  • All houses in Silvergrove are owned.
  • Iron Ingot takes now two iron ores to make.
  • Light Iron Shields require iron instead of steel ingots in terms of crafting and tempering.
  • Starling armor and weapons can only be crafted with 35 points in handicraft.
  • Unified the weight of all books to 1 and of all notes to 0.
  • Torches will burn 15 minutes (they were bugged before).
  • Various items won't respawn after robbing the safes of the bank.

  • "Dragonfruit" renamed to "Vatyr's Tongue".
  • Various typos fixed.

  • Fireplace in the Frostcliff Tavern is quieter.
  • Fixed book and note Pick Up and Put Down sounds.
  • Fixed sound errors, for example sound output model, broken music types and such.

  • Improved the write protection removement.


  • The Paper World Map will be displayed properly on the Halfmoon Isle.

  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Fixed multiple Objectives and target markers.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The inhabitants of Silvergrove won't attack once the Player enters their homes.
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part I" (MQ13a): Kurmai will greet the Player properly if the player helped him during "The Biggest Egg Hunt Ever" (NQ01).

  • Fixed a LOD error on the Marketplace in Ark.
  • Fixed various leaks in the Frostcliff Mountains, in the Dark Valley, in the Heartlands and in Old Iniath.
  • Fixed various floats in the Goldenforst and in Old Iniath.
  • Fixed door teleport in the Pirate Hideout.

  • The forged Aeterna Mace does now more damage than its normal counterpart.

10.22.2017 - 10:46
Good news: The french version of Enderal is now available on our website.

A huge thank you to La Confrérie des Traducteurs who pulled of this localization!
If you have questions regarding the localization, check out their forum.

If you have installation or update problems, visit our wiki and forum.

Have fun playing!
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09.29.2017 - 13:20
Enderal Patch is downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A64
Patch size: ~70 MB


  • Fixed the Affinity system. Missing Affinity spells will be automatically added to the character after loading a save game from a previous version (the process might take several seconds). After investing a memory point in any skill tree, there will be a message displayed once regarding the affinity. This is part of the recovery from new bugs which were introduced in the previous patch. Thanks to gavrant!

  • "Divide and Conquer" (NQ12): Sila replies properly in the tavern if you convinced her with rhetoric.
  • "Divide and Conquer" (NQ12): Pus Beatle in Sila's house no longer respawns.
  • "Retribution" (NQ34): The quest can no longer be triggered again after finishing it once.
  • "The Void" (MQ02): Undefined property fixed.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part II" (MQ05): Fixed a potential property problem for gold and arrows.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part III" (MQ06): Upon choosing the plate armor at the temple smith, the player will also get the respective gauntlets and cape.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Calia no longer has two swords equipped. This might solve her unwillingness to fight.
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part III" (MQ13c): Undefined property fixed.
  • "For the Greater Good" (MQ14): The quest will continue properly even if Lexil doesn't manage to lean over the parapet.
  • "Two Souls, Part V" (CQC05): Calia unequips her torch before the romance scene starts.

  • Fixed leaks in the Frostcliff Mountains, at the Sun Coast, in Castle Golden Ford, in Fortress Fogwatch, in Agnod, in the Crystal Forest, in the Powder Desert, in Old Askamahn, in Soul Bed, in Grave Caves and in Deepdiggers' Gouge.
  • Fixed floats at the Farmers Coast, in the Abandoned Temple, in the Frostcliff Mountains, in the Heartlands, in the Undercity, at the Sun Coast, in Agnod, in the Crystal Forest, in the Powder Desert, in the Powder Mines and in Deepdiggers' Gouge.
  • Fixed navmesh in the Frostcliff Mountains, at the Sun Coast, in Agnod, in both player houses and in Soul Bed.
  • Fixed bleeds in the Frostcliff Mountains and in Soul Bed.
  • Fixed collision issues in Fogville, in the Undercity, in Agnod, in the Powder Desert and at the Sun Coast.
  • Fixed Z-Fighting in Agnod.
  • Fixed flow direction of a river near Riverville.
  • Fixed local maps in the undercity.
  • Fixed unlootable objects in the Frostcliff Mountains.
  • Removed spider webs in the player house.
  • Fixed persistence issue for a NPC at the farmers coast.
  • Increased performance in Soul Bed and Grave Caves.

  • Fixed a crash which was caused by having the Staff of the burning Call in the inventory or secure chest.
  • Removed various duplicated and/or unused actors, miscs, potions, poisons, armors, AAs, weapons and leveled lists.
  • Torches will be unequipped when starting to dig in a treasure mound or mining ore. Once the animation is finished, the torch will automatically be reequipped. Reduced the overall time it takes to dig treasure mounds. Thanks to gavrant!
  • Improved the code of the Hero Menu.
  • The lift in the Undercity mines now properly works the first time it is called. Removed useless scripts from various levers.

  • Iron shields and Skaragg Armor are now temperable.
  • Tempering Firm Leather Shoes no longer creates Firm Leather Arm Protectors.
  • A blueprint for the Rune Shield is now obtainable.
  • Firm Leather Shoes, Iron War Axe, Iron Battle Axe and Mace of the Righteous Path now can be created by owning their respective blueprint.
  • Fixed biped objects on the Robe of the Inner Fire and on the Novice Outfit.

  • Fixed aggression on some Ice Elementals.
  • Fixed factions of the Nehrimese Mage in Old Hatolis.
  • Nathalia, Fences and Hiulda are now essential.
  • Fixed grey face bug on Nathalia again.

  • Doors of rented rooms will function properly if the player decides to meditate inside the rented room. Doors will also close properly after the current rent is expired. Thanks to gavrant!
  • Secret doors won't be displayed as such.
  • Added a very important script to a very important door.
  • Fixed bench in the Dancing Nomad.
  • Improved the boards in both player houses: No more multiple purchase options and proper conditions.
  • Mannequins are now properly placeable in both player houses.

  • The boss fight in Brown Rock Cave is now more challenging.
  • Thief armor can now be enchanted.
  • Defence Robe uses a light armor enchantment instead of a mana regeneration enchantment.
  • Fine Steel armor needs Quicksilver instead of Malachite for tempering from now on.
  • Golden Pitcher is now sellable.
  • Shield Oakflesh is now really unique.
  • Unified the base value of all "The Path" books to 3 penny coins.
  • Increased the base value of the Blind Miner's Axe from 40 to 300 penny coins.
  • Unified weight of all blueprints to 0.1.
  • Reduced base damage of Bound Battleaxe (Rank II) from 30 to 22.
  • Increased mana cost for Blessing of Life (Rank IV and V) to 260 and 310.

  • Fixed the display of the skill Pickpocketing in the Hero Menu.
  • Fixed various typos throughout the game, adapted the Quest log and Objectives of "It Starts with the Dreams".

  • Ambient music will be removed when the Koppophon plays music.


  • The Assassin and Seraph affinity will be displayed properly.

09.13.2017 - 18:09
We are thrilled to announce a heavily requested feature for Enderal: an in-game Paper World Map! It will replace the current world map entirely.

You may recognize it from the Interactive Map on our website. It was mainly developed to be the in-game replacement and the Interactive Map was a follow up project.

  • Clean, readable map
  • Proper shore and coastlines, with no graphical glitches
  • Visible roads
  • Region names and borders
  • Mini-Map of Ark

We are not yet sure if we'll include the map in a normal patch or upon the Forgotten Stories release, but it will definitely be added to the experience soon.

Let us know your thoughts!

Artist: urst

Implementation: duncanlarsen1
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08.11.2017 - 17:53
Enderal Patch is downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A64
Patch size: ~70 MB


  • Incorporated all fixes of the Enderal - Simple Fixes mod by ravenscans. Thank you! We recommend to disable/remove the mod if you used it.
  • Incorporated more fixes of the Enderal - Bug Fixes mod by reltilie / Ixion XVII. Thank you! A new version of the mod will probably be available soon.
  • Incorporated all fixes of the Enderal - Better World mod by Wurstkrieger. Thank you! We recommend to disable/remove the mod if you used it.

  • "Strange Horizons" (NQ02): The quest will finish properly when the player reaches 30 knowledge points.
  • "The Butcher of Ark" (NQ25): Improved objectives and fixed questlog - this only applies for new saves.
  • "The First Steps": (MQ03): Objective "Meet Jespar" no longer disappears when player comes near, but stays until player starts following Jespar to the temple.
  • "The Word of the Dead" (MQ07a): Fixed a bug which caused the player to get stuck outside the Aged Man's Manor during 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): The scene near the crystal now has a timer failsafe, meaning that it properly runs even if Calia doesn't come close enough to the crystal.
  • "Every Day Like the Last, Part I" (CQJ01): The quest log will be displayed properly and the player won't earn experience points if the quest was failed.
  • "Every Day Like the Last, Part V" (CQJ05): The player controls will be enabled properly if the player chose to not romance Jespar.

  • Fixed leaks in Miners Cabin, in the Golden Sickle Office, in Monastery Westgard, in Old Ishmartep, in the Powder Mines, in Old Yogosh, in Thalgard and in the Pirate Grotto.
  • Fixed floats at the Suncoast, in the Heartlands, in the Powder Mines, in the Powder Desert, in Old Yogosh, in the Pirate Grotto and in Goldenforst.
  • Fixed Z-fighting at the Suncoast, in the Golden Sickle Office, in Old Ishmartep, in the Suntemple, in Old Yogosh and in the Pirate Grotto.
  • Fixed Occlusion Planes in all quarters, in the Undercity, in the Suntemple, in a few Heartland dungeons and in the Heartlands.
  • Fixed bleeds in the Heartlands, in the Golden Sickle Office and in the Butcher's house.
  • Fixed lighting in the Golden Sickle Office, in the Butcher's house, in the Plentyson's house, in the Abondonned Ruin and in Marek's Farm.
  • Fixed navmesh in the Dark Valley between the Myrad Tower and Keltyzar.
  • Fixed collision and visibilty issues in the southquarter.
  • Fixed activator in the museum.
  • Fixed various inconsistencies in Old Soltyris.
  • Improved Performance in Monastery Westgard (via rooms and portals).

  • Fixed Mushroom Culture, Holly (potted) and all lightsources for the hosuing system, they are now properly placable in the player houses (purchasable at the bank).
  • Added Sharpening wheel and Massive Chest to the housing system (purchasable at the bank).
  • Fixed mesh for the elk cow trophy for the housing system.

  • The talent Qyranian Stance works now properly on all three ranks.
  • Added better conditions for the perk Keeper: Conditioning.
  • The scrolls Scroll of Boon (Rank I-II) now increase arcane fever properly.
  • Tempering is now possible for the following weapons: Silver weapons, Hunting Bow, War Axe of the Righteous Path, Warhammer of the Righteous Path, Steel War Axe, Dunehome Steel Sword, forged Iron Battleaxe, Iron War Axe, Skaragg weapons, Hatchet, Old Sword, Rune Greatsword, forged Rune Greatsword, Brittle Longbow and Sunborn weapons.
  • Added blueprints for Hunting Bow, Iron War Axe, Iron Battleaxe and Dunehome Steel Sword.

  • Fixed Bura Chopper's AI packages.
  • Beds in Marek's Farm can't be used anymore by the player.
  • Cooking pot in the SHOAE Inc. building can be used by the player.
  • Fixed multiple factions.
  • Fixed various flags in leveled lists, to prevent vendors from having the same items multiple times in storage instead of a more diverse offer.
  • Idle Marker behind the lectern in the Noble's Quarter can now only be used by Prince Mith.

  • Fixed the model for Amulet of the Entropist.
  • Fixed a priority issue with the novice outfit of the Holy Order, also with the Fine Leather Gloves.
  • Fixed outfit on a undercity guardian.
  • Fixed biped object for seagulls and horse armor.
  • Fixed races for various items and templates.
  • Fixed a waterfall and a sword mesh.
  • Made the message of the Weird Stone in Dal Galar's Smithery localizable.
  • Deleted unused music lists.
  • Deleted duplicates of tempering recipes: e.g. for Aeterna Bow and Bow of the Righteous Path.
  • Deleted unused cells and worldspaces.

  • Reduced healrate of the perk Vandal: Fury Driven by a large amount.
  • Ring of Magic Resistance has it's proper enchantment, which got reduced in it's effectiveness.
  • Fortify One-handed Enchantments now really only affect One-handed weapons.
  • Sunborn Mages use the Sunborn Axe instead of the Skarrag Axe, hence they do more damage in Melee Combat.

  • Fixed typos in various quest logs, objectives and dialogues.
  • Fixed typos in various books and notices.
  • Fixed various missnamings of weapons, NPCs, placeable items, blueprints and some other objects.
  • Fixed various typos on some spells and their effects, also improved their legibility.

  • Added proper conditions to various generic dialogue lines.


  • Races and some books will be displayed properly.

08.08.2017 - 22:07
Greetings Prophets and Prophetesses,

I originally posted this on my Facebook page, but I think it's relevant, so I'll share it here as well!

It's been a bit quiet lately, and some people have asked me whether the DLC project is still alive - let me reassure you, it absolutely is. The team is still working hard, and I'm trying to get work done whenever I can.

The main reason I haven't been able to contribute nearly as much as I would have liked to, is because I was offered a very good position as a writer for Grimlore Games in Munich, working on the recent instalment of the Spellforce series. It was meant to be part-time, but due to the insane work-load it became a full-time job (more than that actually, but luckily I get all overhours paid). I also work on the week-ends, so you can imagine that I have not been able to contribute as much as I would have wanted to. Also, I have gotten back into making music (a hobby which I almost entirely dropped for Enderal) and am investing a lot of time into my novel (of which I've already finished the first draft, 550 pages, and which will be done this year).

The good news is that the writing for the DLC is close to completion already, so that the team isn't running out of task anytime soon. The bad news is that I feel bad getting financial support from you guys while contributing so little to the actual project.

In other words: The DLC will take a little longer than planned, but it will definitely be released - we're continously making progress, just not as fast as we did when I worked 50-60 hours a week. I thought about sharing the Patreon income with these on the team who are still working as hard as before, but if any of you guys want to withdraw your pledges, I fully understand.

We'll keep you posted!
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Link to topic: Little update
08.08.2017 - 19:11
Hi guys,
We now have an Interactive Map of Enderal on our website! Check it out!

You can switch between different styles of the map in the upper left corner. A search function for certain locations is in the upper right corner. When clicking on a location you will get its coordinates and a link to its respective wiki article. Keep in mind that the wiki is still incomplete and not every location as an article, new contributors are always welcome!
A Wiki version of the map can be looked at here.
At the moment the map is only available in english, but we also work on a german version.

A big Thank you to everyone involved:
"Paper" Map by urst
"Realistic" and "Regions" maps by WeathermanSweden
Map Icons by Bethesda
Map code und Icon positionierung by Davipb
Fonts by pia-frauss.de

Have a nice day!

We expanded the interactive map:
It is now available in german, furthermore the regions map was updated and is now more detailed, last but not least a tree map was added.
You can check out the updated english version on our website and wiki.

Thanks to WeathermanSweden for the new maps and to Davipb for the implementation.
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