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07.07.2018 - 23:32
It's been a while since you heard from us - we've got some news for you!

First off, we are making good progress on polishing and bugfixing the new content that's coming with the Forgotten Stories DLC. This wouldn't be possible without our testers, who are putting a lot of effort into helping us finding and eliminating these bugs. A huge thank you to them!
Furthermore, two-thirds of the quest related voice over files are already recorded, cut and implemented. More to come. Many thanks to the voice actors, who lent us their voice!

We also can show off the new awesome book covers that will come along with Forgotten Stories. Thank you to Daniel Coffey for creating the covers for us! For a few examples of Daniel's work, check out the gallery below!

If you are interested in having custom book covers in the original Skyrim, go check out his Mod on the Nexus.

Once again, thank you for all your support and patience!

04.17.2018 - 16:07
Hey Endraleans,

as you guys probably know, we are still busy working on Forgotten Stories. We need your help and feedback to sort out bugs in the DLC. However, the current testing phase only includes the german version. No worries, there will be a testing phase for the english version too, but it is not ready for testing yet. We are also planning on releasing both versions at the same time!
If you are interested and fluent in german, you can check out the german announcement for further information!

Our Update Server as well as our Website Server will be down for maintenance this wednesday night. Sorry for the inconvenience!
03.03.2018 - 17:58
Enderal Patch is downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A65
Patch size: 66 MB

Note: This will be the last patch for Enderal before Forgotten Stories will be released.


  • The hero menu now scales properly with most ratios / resolutions of the screen. Thanks to 3sWare!
  • Thanks to reltilie / Ixion XVII and gavrant for multiple fixes!

  • "Two Workers" (EnvironmentScene04): Fixed the conditions and scripts of the Scene in the Foreign Quarter. The persons involved won't stand there forever and fall back to their standard AI packages once the scene is finished.
  • "Revenge is Sour" (NQ05): Fixed an issue where the player was able to interact with the mead barrel in the cellar of "The Fat Leor" and teleport away without getting caught.
  • "Home, Sweet Home" (NQ24): Ownership certificate for Player Houses are now only sold once.
  • "The Butcher of Ark" (NQ25): Fixed objective display.

  • "The Word of the Dead" (MQ07a): Added empty voice file to make the subtitle readable on the daughter in the pyrean memory.
  • "Deus Ex Machina" (MQ07b): Hallys will now kneel properly once he is arrested. He will be guarded by the guard of the previous scene.
  • "The Lion's Den" (MQ09a): Fixed a timescale issue on the Half Moon Island which caused daytime to be stuck while visiting the isle.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Dal'Galar has his proper VFX in the first vision.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Calia now points at the breach in the left tower of Dal'Galar's Castle.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Fixed two issues with the gates in the library of Dal'Galar reopening under certain circumstances.
  • "All the Dead Souls" (MQ11b): Fixed an issue where the Scene between Jespar and Adlia wasn't interrupted properly when the player used the talent "Ghostwalk". Fixed by expanding the respective Triggerbox.
  • "All the Dead Souls" (MQ11b): It's not possible to steal the Black Stone from Adila before fighting her and causing the quest to stop progressing any further.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): When failing the dog hunt mini game, the game doesn't go back to the main menu. If the player loses the line of sight to Thorus, the player has to search in the village for him.

  • "Black Light, Part III" (MQ12c): Jespar will react properly if the player did not choose to visit him during "Every Day Like the Last, Part IV" (CQJ04).
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part III" (MQ13a): The player will receive three teleport scrolls for the cave instead of one.
  • "Fleshless" (MQ17): The player no longer will be able to open the spawning containers.
  • "Brave New World" (MQ18a): The player can't just jump of from the Starcity anymore.
  • "Brave New World" (MQ18a), "Catharsis" (MQ18b): Added an additional objective to search for the injured companion.
  • "Two Souls, Part V" (CQC05): Fixed torch equip bug and neck seam bug during and after the romance scene.

  • Removed useless references from various interiors.
  • Fixed various leaks, Z-Fighting, Floats all around the Suncoast, in the Starting Area, in Riverville, in the Heartlands, in Ark, in the Frost Cliff Mountains, in the Powder Desert, in Sea Chasm, in the Starship Interior and in Golden Ford.
  • Fixed Collision in the Old Starling Workshop.
  • Fixed a odd angled pond at the Suncoast.
  • Adjusted the cell "Frostwater Chasm" to be more unique.
  • Adjusted landscape in the Foreign Quarter in Ark.
  • Fixed two unmineable Ore Veins in the Frostcliff Mountains and in the Powder Desert.

  • Cleaned up a lot of Forms from both Skyrim.esm and Update.esm.
  • Fixed various Sandboxing AI Packages which used wrong combat styles.
  • The Talent "Shadowtongue Oil" no longer affects Ghosts, wisps and other floating creatures.
  • Fixed various script and property errors and general CK errors across the board.
  • Fixed various cooking recipes and also fixed the functionality of various food items.
  • Fixed model on Dagger of Despair.
  • The model of the Ratcatchers Cuirass will be displayed again properly for male characters.
  • The player won't be greeted from the guards while leaving Duneville.
  • Fixed wrong workbench keyword for Starling Cuirass, it can be crafted properly.
  • Enemies which are killed while being effected by the talent "Arctic Wind" are now properly lootable.
  • Fixed an issue which caused enemies not to be damaged properly if they stand in the radius of the explosion of a slave who is controlled via the talent "Entropic Blood".
  • Guards won't send the player to jail, if one is already in the jail.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Combat Stances to not work properly after reloading a save in which one of the Stances was already active.
  • Fixed Four tusk combat behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue causing the "synergy discovered" bonus to trigger more than once when combining the talents "Shocknova" and "Eye of The Storm".
  • The passive bonus of the Perk "Shadow Of The Wind" will get applied to the player under all circumstances properly.
  • The effect of the perk "Blade Dance" will be removed from the player and the target properly if it wasn't triggered in time. Simplified and cleaned the code of the respective script.

  • Fixed an issue with high level jewelry boxes. They will contain now high level loot instead of low level loot.
  • Unified Attack Speed of generic Battleaxes, Daggers, Greatswords, Maces, Swords, War Axes and Warhammers.
  • The librarian in Ark sells more books.
  • Added weak melee weapons to archers and mages so that they do not use their ranged weapons in melee combat.
  • Added some Entropy spells to entropy mages.
  • Pigs and Cows have death items.
  • Steppecrusher do not drop deer items on death anymore.
  • Frost spells now really slow down for 50% of the basespeed as intended, not setting the speed of the target to 50.
  • The perk "Shieldstroke" now has a 15% chance to disarm the enemy.
  • The spell "Magelight" uses now the correct magic effects in its variations.
  • Various Alchemy effects now use their proper resistances and keywords.
  • Set recovery time of the talent "Qyranian Stance" to 4 seconds on all levels.
  • Adjusted the descriptions and effects of the lockpicking perks.
  • Elumund Nobleyarn now has 300 additional coins.
  • Gabrielle Emberlord now buys jewelry and gems.
  • Silver weapons do now bonus damage to undead instead of Vatyrs.

  • Fixed typos, namings and broken characters in various books, dialogues and loading screens.
  • Named Kurro properly Kurro Mongerson.
  • Corrected the description of the perk "Calm Hand".

  • Fixed empty Voice files of a Homeless in the Undercity.

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12.27.2017 - 20:35
Prophets and Prophetesses,

It's been quiet lately - however, rest assured that we're still working on the DLC.

The German writing has been finished and we've started to send out the script to the VAs. Also, the English translation is now in the making.

As a late Christmas present, here's an awesome illustration by vjatoch. It shows Tharaêl, one of the main characters you will encounter in the Rhalâta questline - probably one of the best and darkest pieces of writing Nicolas has ever done.

Merry Christmas and thanks for your ongoing support! Also, thank to Nevigo for providing us with Articy Draft for five years straight now. You rock!

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12.19.2017 - 18:30
Hi guys,

you can vote for your favorite mods in 2017 on Mod DB right now. Enderal was voted into the top 100. If you enjoyed playing Enderal, you can cast your vote here.
Make sure to also check out the Upcoming Mods section below, TESR: Skyblivion and Apotheosis are nominated.

Some news regarding "Forgotten Stories" will be posted soon.
Thank you for your support. :)
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11.13.2017 - 01:22
Enderal Patch is downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A65
Patch size: 80 MB


  • The in-game Paper Worldmap is now included! Many thanks to duncanlarsen1 and urst! If you have questions or problems regarding the map, make sure to check out this post in our forum.
  • Delayed the levelup menu pop-up until combat is finished.

  • "Elfriede" (NQ10): Eshra does no longer walk away while talking to the player after setting Elfriede free.
  • "The Sole Place" (NQ11): Fixed a dialogue duplicate.
  • "Divide and Conquer" (NQ12): Fixed typos, vocals and topics.
  • "Trails of the Past" (NQ19): The note now works as intended: It doesn't start the quest a second time if the player has already talked to Tiwon about the quest and starts the quests properly if you read about the quest the first time.
  • "Put Off the Evil Hour" (NQ21): An objective will be displayed properly after talking with Kabar about the Rhalâta.
  • "Like Newly Born" (NQ22): Added an objective so that the player knows what to do after finding all pages of the journal, however it doesn't point to the Apothekari.
  • "Hidden in the Puzzle" (NQ40): Objectives will work as intended.

  • "It Starts with the Dreams" (MQP03): The helpmessage of the puzzle won't be displayed after inserting the key.
  • "The First Steps" (MQ03): Fixed an issue where the player would have a broken arrow after reequipping a bow.
  • "The Word of the Dead" (MQ07a): Fixed an issue in which Jespar wouldn't be present at the Myrad Tower at the Western Cliff.
  • "Deus Ex Machina" (MQ07b): Fixed an issue in which Lishari wouldn't show up after entering Old Dothûlgrad.
  • "All the Dead Souls" (MQ11b): Fixed a rare case of Jespar not being disabled in the first scene in the Dancing Nomad and therefore causing confusion.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The stealth minigame in Dal'Geyss house does not reset multiple times when the player is caught by multiple guards at the same time.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The butterfly minigame now works as intended and the objectives won't be displayed multiple times.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Removed misleading objective at the end of the quest.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b): The game does no longer request multiple autosaves upon entering the gate house. This might prevent a crash.

  • Moved the bucket away from the secure chest at the Marketplace of Ark, so the player won't accidentally pick it up. This only works for new saves.
  • Fixed passage to the blind miner.
  • Fixed three worldspace offsets.
  • Fixed various leaks in the Heartlands and in the Old Watermill.
  • Fixed various floats in the Stranger Area of Ark, at the Suncoast, in the Heartlands, in the Goldenforst and in the Botanicum of the Star City.
  • Fixed an unmineable ore vein.
  • Fixed navmesh at the Suncoast and in the Heartlands.

  • Fixed more issues with the affinty not properly unlocking.
  • The perk "Skaragg Stance" now works as intended. Thanks to reltilie / Ixion XVII!
  • Pieces left behind by an exploding "Starling dummy" will be visible in the inventory upon picking them up.
  • "Fine leather gauntlets" have now the proper model in first person.
  • "Veil of the Ashwarrior" does not clip anymore.
  • Added the Silver Sword and Silver Greatsword blueprints back in.
  • Fixed lots of keywords on armors and weapons. Thanks to gavrant!
  • Fixed object bounds on all books.
  • Adjusted various book models.
  • The books "Account of an unknown traveller, Volume I" and "The life of Torgan Whispertongue, Volume II" no lomger teach pickpocket for no apparent reason.
  • Adjusted keywords and types on multiple books/notes.

  • Fixed multiple persistence and location errors.
  • Removed tree nodes in AVBlock.
  • Removed unused things (worldspaces, items etc).
  • Cleaned up original Skyrim locations.
  • Extended RemoveAllItemsSafeVersion.

  • Merrol Booksnopper is now always in the Museum.
  • Elumund Nobleyarn sells stuff again.
  • Prince Mith's groupies won't worship him after the siege.
  • Prisoner at the Sawmill attacks properly upon entering combat.

  • All houses in Silvergrove are owned.
  • Iron Ingot takes now two iron ores to make.
  • Light Iron Shields require iron instead of steel ingots in terms of crafting and tempering.
  • Starling armor and weapons can only be crafted with 35 points in handicraft.
  • Unified the weight of all books to 1 and of all notes to 0.
  • Torches will burn 15 minutes (they were bugged before).
  • Various items won't respawn after robbing the safes of the bank.

  • "Dragonfruit" renamed to "Vatyr's Tongue".
  • Various typos fixed.

  • Fireplace in the Frostcliff Tavern is quieter.
  • Fixed book and note Pick Up and Put Down sounds.
  • Fixed sound errors, for example sound output model, broken music types and such.

  • Improved the write protection removement.


  • The Paper World Map will be displayed properly on the Halfmoon Isle.

  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Fixed multiple Objectives and target markers.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The inhabitants of Silvergrove won't attack once the Player enters their homes.
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part I" (MQ13a): Kurmai will greet the Player properly if the player helped him during "The Biggest Egg Hunt Ever" (NQ01).

  • Fixed a LOD error on the Marketplace in Ark.
  • Fixed various leaks in the Frostcliff Mountains, in the Dark Valley, in the Heartlands and in Old Iniath.
  • Fixed various floats in the Goldenforst and in Old Iniath.
  • Fixed door teleport in the Pirate Hideout.

  • The forged Aeterna Mace does now more damage than its normal counterpart.

10.22.2017 - 10:46
Good news: The french version of Enderal is now available on our website.

A huge thank you to La Confrérie des Traducteurs who pulled of this localization!
If you have questions regarding the localization, check out their forum.

If you have installation or update problems, visit our wiki and forum.

Have fun playing!
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