Mad Restaurant People

Progress your career as a server by using your keen perception, your short-term memory and your ability to decide quickly. Fancy and unique places will hire you as you master challenges, unlock perks and stay calm even in the weirdest situations.

You'll start in an ordinary diner with a small number of tables, dishes and drinks. Customers will appreciate your swiftness with happiness and tips. Each time you unlock a new level, you'll be able to prove your skills in a more exciting new location, until your reputation as a perfect server will spread into space.

Each level has a unique selection from more than 100 different dishes and drinks, but your job includes much more than just serving them:

  • Make friends with dogs or they will steal items from your tray
  • Wake up guests who have fallen asleep. They're blocking tables
  • Keep an eye out for VIP guests and collect extra tips
  • Evade drunk guests to avoid collisions
  • Clean tables and floor or rats will start running around
  • Distract impatient guests with fireworks on your tray
  • Fight kitchen fires. Make sure to remember the location of the extinguisher
  • Survive a robot invasion. How? By serving the robots' favorite dishes, of course!
  • Raise your high scores for each level and compete with other players on the leaderboard
  • Need even more challenges? There's a hell mode waiting for you