Enderal: Forgotten Stories
Enderal: Forgotten Stories 2019
Enderal: Forgotten Stories is an expansion-pack/DLC for Enderal. Enderal: Forgotten Stories aims to bring in parts of the storys content that had to be cut from the initial release, adding 10-20 hours of new quest content, as well as improving several aspects of the main game.
Enderal 2016
Enderal is a Total-Conversion for TES V: Skyrim. Set on the remote continent Enderal it offers a hand-craft, immersive open-world with jungles, deserts, forests and mountains, all for the player to explore, overhauled skillsystems and gameplay-mechanics and a dark, psychological and fully-voiced storyline with believable characters.
Nehrim 2010
Nehrim is a Total-Conversion for TES IV: Oblivion. Explore the namegiving land of Nehrim with dense forests and deserts, delve into old crypts and caves, and experience an unusual, multi-layered storyline that takes place beyond known patterns of good and evil.
Cube Experimental
Cube Experimental 2009
Cube Experimental is a single player modification for Fallout 3, set in a long deserted, underground scientific facility right below the post-nuclear Washington D.C.


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