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Though all of our current projects will be available for free, we still have to regularily cover costs - If you'd like to support our project, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Everything that exceeds our running costs will be used to further enhance our current or our future projects.

G2A-Pay allows us to accept payment methods other than PayPal (Credit Card or Giropay, etc. without registration).

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To Nicolas Lietzau: Our lead writer, Nicolas Lietzau, is currently working on the expansion pack "Forgotten Stories" for Enderal. While it is not possible to support the project directly, donations may help him cover basic expenses.

Nico @

To SureAI: Choose this if you would like to donate to the SureAI team as a whole, the creators of "Enderal". Donations can help us cover some of the expenses we have, such as server maintenance.