A chronological presentation of our project releases and different events happened over the last years.

  • They Came From Venus Officially in Development November 2023
    Internally conceived in 2016 to be developed in CRYENGINE and situated in the fictional city of Riverfalls, the project was halted in 2018 and redesigned in 2023 to utilize Unreal Engine. Now located at an remote estate in the mountains of Oregon, to be released in summer 2024.
  • Dreadful River and GOG Releases February 2023
    Dreadful River started into early access as well as several of your titles are now also avaialble on GOG.
  • Dreadful River Officially in Development September 2021
    Internally prototyped in 2018 as a runaway story, shifted towards the time of the gold rush in Canada. Ultimately the concept was resurrected in 2021 and we went for a fantasy setting in the end.
  • Enderal (Special Edition) Released March 2021
    The community ported Enderal to the Special Edition of Skyrim, which is now also available on Steam.
  • Merchandise Shop Opened December 2020
    We've opend our merch shop, to in the future provide you with high quality prints, gear and goodies to our games.
  • First Book in the Enderal Novel Series Released November 2020
    The novel Dreams of the Dying was released, which tells part of the backstory of Jespar Dal'Varek, one of Enderals main protagonists.
  • Nehrim Steam Version Released June 2020
    Nehrim - At Fate's Edge hits Steam 10 years after its original release. This version includes several quality of life features and improvements.
  • 2020 - The Distorted Period
  • New Office June 2019
    We've moved to a new office located in the town of Tutzing.
  • Enderal: Forgotten Stories Released February 2019
    The Enderal addon Forgotten Stories was released on Steam. This version restored cut content from the 2016 release and added additional quests, classes and bug fixes.
  • What's Next? December 2018
    After prototyping several game ideas, the development of our next unannounced project has begun.
  • Mad Restaurant People Released September 2018
    We've started to use Unreal Engine 4 and released our first, small game, which is a restaurant memory game in which you have to remember the food items customers ordered and deliver them. Here it is.
  • Enderal Enters ModDB Hall of Fame August 2017
    Enderal was added to the ModDB Hall of Fame.
  • Enderal Won at The 2016 Game Awards December 2016
    Enderal won at the 2016 Game Awards in the category Best Fan Creation.
  • Enderal Released July 2016
    After over five years of planing and development, Enderal: The Shards of Order was released.
  • Nehrim Enters ModDB Hall of Fame May 2015
    Nehrim was added to the ModDB Hall of Fame.
  • ColossusArc Founded October 2013
    ColossusArc was founded to create a space for future experimental game projects and prototypes. It also acts as an legal entity to represent SureAI.
  • Feature in PC Action August 2012
    The video games magazine PC Action wrote a big feature about Enderal.
  • Nehrim Audio-Book "Kriegsd√§mmerung" Released July 2012
    The audio-book "Kriegsdämmerung", about the events that precede the story of Nehrim, was released.
  • Development of Enderal Announced June 2012
    We've revealed the development of our next project Enderal: The Shards of Order to the public.
  • Nehrim Addon Released October 2011
    With the version 1.5 of Nehrim additional content was introduced to the game.
  • Mod of The Year 2010 December 2010
    Nehrim won at the ModDB Mod of the Year awards Best Mod of The Year.
  • Nehrim Release June 2010
    After more then four years in the making, Nehrim: At fate's Edge was released.
  • 2010 - The Era of Great Ambition
  • CUBE Experimental Released May 2009
    Inspired by the newly released Fallout 3, the side project CUBE Experimental was developed.
  • Team Gathering in Berlin August 2008
    The core team, which was working remote over the internet, met in Berlin for the first time.
  • 2007 Games Convention in Leipzig August 2007
    The German video games magazine PC Games provided us with the opportunity to reveal the new trailer and show a special playable demo of Nehrim at their show booth.
  • Development of Nehrim Started March 2006
    With the release of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, the team was ready to work on the most ambitious project yet, the total conversion mod Nehrim: At Fate's Edge.
  • Arktwend Released February 2006
    Finally! After three years of development, version 1.0 of Arktwend: The Forgotten Realm was released.
  • Myar Aranath Released and Website Launched October 2005
    Our first project release was exciting. We've also released Arktwend in public beta and launched this very website you are currently looking at.
  • Black Raven Team Merged With SureAI May 2005
    The modding team Black Raven, which at the time was working on their own total conversion project Myar Aranath, joined the SureAI team.
  • SureAI was Founded October 2003
    With now already two people on our project, it was time to create a team name to appropriately represent the collective.
  • First Steps March 2003
    Our first project that entered development was the total conversion mod Arktwend: The Forgotten Realm. It was developed on top of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind engine.
  • 2000 - The Dark Ages of Modding