They Came From Venus

They Came From Venus
You are alone at your uncles remote mountain estate, when a mysterious package gets delivered to his doorstep. Soon after, things get out of hand and the house becomes your last bastion of survival.

"They Came From Venus" is a otherworldly survival horror adventure from the seventies - inspired by the sci-fi b-movies era of the fifties and sixties. You have to uncover the mystery of your uncles mountain estate while at the same time trying to stay alive.

Overcome a sequence of challenges and advance the story. Try to adapt to this changing world and survive for several days.

  • Explore the house and its surroundings, learn more about its history and unlock new areas
  • Maintain the house in order to survive while the world around you is changing
  • Hostile entities will try to reach the property, defend yourself and fight the threats or hide