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» 15.04.2014 22:02
A new artwork...

... after a plentitude of new material, which - unfortauntely - hasn't been as exciting for you English-speaking fans than it has to our German ones! But rest assured, more will follow! :-)

The artwork shows the mood Enderals snowy region, the Northwind-Mountains are trying to capture. Some of you might recognize the ingame-scene of the tavern it shows!


All the best,


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» 17.03.2014 16:47
Games nine interview now available with English subtitles!

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago we posted a link to an interview we gave to the Let's Player "Games Nine". Back then it didn't have English captions - understandable due to its immense length of one hour in total - but, now it has. It contains some interesting information about Enderal you might not yet have heard. :)


All the best,

» 12.03.2014 13:14
A small appetizer...

... for one of Enderals exotic regions, the so-called "Pinnacle Desert". Furthermore, the third chapter of the "Butcher of Ark" has finally been finished. Enjoy!

The Butcher of Ark, Chapter III

The different facets of the Pinnacle Desert




All the best,


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» 25.01.2014 00:15
Concept and realization

Some time has passed since our last update - But rest assured, this is mainly due to the fact that we're working quite a lot at the moment and are making very good progress. But enough of the words! :)

Best Wishes,


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» 16.01.2014 10:11
New interview with Gamersground!

Alex from Gamersground interviewed us once again about Enderal! It has been quite a lot of fun (in spite of the difficulties regarding the sound, which were our fault), and interested fans can be sure to get some interesting, new information!

The interview is in German, but subtitles can be enabled.

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» 26.12.2013 17:23
Everything comes to an end...

... even the year 2013! :mrgreen:

A lot of things have happened in the past twelve months – Both in the development of Enderal and in our team. We have worked a lot, we overcame obstacles, and we grew closer together through team meetings and the fact, that a lot of us now live in the same city – Munich.
It would be a lie to say that mod development is always easy, because it isn’t. Realizing the vision of a mod project of such great scale doesn’t only require creativity and a whole lot of passion, but above all a lot of stamina, reliability and an eye for the feasibility of one’s own goals. It is so easy to get lost in the invention of countless, unrealizable features!

So now the year has come to an end, and with new experiences under our belt and many miles closer to our goal, a new year is awaiting us – hopefully as productive and insightful as this one! The constant support of our fans, the commitment of our voluntary voice actors, and tokens of appreciation such as achieving the 2nd place in this years “Mod of the year”-awards (Category: Best upcoming) will help us a lot with that. The last one wouldn’t have been possible without your support, and we sincerely want to thank you for all your votes. As well with these words as with a “end of the year”-bundle we have put together to express our gratitude as well as to grant you new insights into the game Enderal will be. We were actually planning to release the second episode of our devblog, but we postponed it since we wanted to give you all something “special”, which you will find at the end of this post. We were unsure on whether to release it or not, but we did – and we hope you will all like it.
That being said, we wish you both a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!



The Sun Temple - Work in progress


- Vyn: From the archives of the Order


Oorbaya - Concept Art

„There are two ways to deal with the magic that has broken free inside you. The first one: Turn to the Holy Order. They will take care of you, and if you perform well, they might make you one of their own. In their ranks you will learn how to control this raw, undirected power inside you. And the stronger your will, the purer your meditation, the more the magic will bend to your will… and ultimately serve you as a companion, much like a faithful steed which possesses its own will but is in a state of perfect harmony with its rider. If you decide against the Order, you will become one of the pathless men or women we call Wild mages. And even though you might rise to great power this way, this power will be like a rabid Shadow wolf, who possesses the ability to devour anything in its path, but who will ultimately turn against its master. And someday, my son, when your soul has been completely torn apart by the magic in your veins, it will dispose entirely of your bodily shell… and then you will become one of the beasts, which bards and poets alike call “Oorbaya” – or the “Blue Death”. The choice is yours.”


Story Teaser

Since very little has been told about the story of Enderal (Apart from the first chapter of the „Butcher of Ark“, we decided to change that. This is a short teaser aiming to provide a small insight into the themes and the general feel of Enderal’s story. We have been trying to create a world that is both beautiful, fantastic and humorous, but also dark, cruel and deep. But: Don’t tell, show.

Best wishes,


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» 18.12.2013 12:29
[Short news] Frostcliff tavern and "The Butcher of Ark"



Fitting the current time of the year, we'd like to show you a new screenshot of Enderal's north - The Northwind-mountains. Secondly, we have decided to release the first chapter of an ingame-book called "The Butcher of Ark". It's the autobiography of a notorious serial killer, who died half a centurye before the beginning of Enderals story - It will introduce you into the lore of Enderal, will give you a sense of the overall feeling of Enderals themes and attentive readers might also spot how some interesting connections to the mainquest. Hopefully it will be a good read for everyone enjoying dark, mature fantasy!

Finally, we'd like to tackle a topic which has been on our mind lately. A lot of users have suggested for us to use ENBs in our screenshots. However, we won't and never will. There are three reasons for this: First of all, it would falsify the end product. People whose machines aren't strong enough for the ENB would simply get something looking entirely different (and probably a lot worse). We want Enderal to look awesome on every machine, even on weak machines. Secondly, most ENB-programmers do not allow modders to include their ENB in the download. It would overcomplicate the installation progess. And finally, we consider it to be an easy solution to getting impressive results. Someone once said that a designer’s true skill shows when making something look great and immersive, even without dozens of graphical enhancements. We want our work to be genuine, and we want it to amaze you due to the hard labor and passion we put into it. Of course, people are free to use whatever ENB they like and installing it themselves after Enderal is released, thus enhancing their experience even more - We simply don't want to make it obligatory or call it our own work.

That being sad, I hope you enjoy these new insights into the world of Enderal! :)

“As requested, I have brought you Jaél Tannerson’s biography. The Steelcrabs surely did their best to keep it locked away from the public eye… Suppose they’d rather live in denial than face the fact that one of their own was behind those gruesome, pattern-less killings. Typical, isn’t it? Anyway, I expect my payment of one thousand pennies to be in vault 1012 by next week. I will hear from you.”
- A Letter

“The Butcher of Ark – Chapter One” – Englisch

“The Northwind Mountains are a region situated in the far north of Enderal. Though being inhospitable due to their extreme cold and perilous fauna – Lost Ones, Frost Myrads and Glacier elementals, only to mention a few -, they used be well-travelled in the past. This fact was due to the Northwind-mines, where the valuable Northwind rocks were mined, which are rumored to be close to indestructible, thus making them a highly sought-after material for the construction of castles, treasure chambers and fortresses. After the closing of the mines, however, the region was left abandoned, leaving behind ghost villages and dangerous, semi-collapsed mineshafts, which still attract adventurers and treasure hunters. […]"
Lexil Merrum,
High Arcanist of the Holy Order

» 17.12.2013 00:39
[Short news] The Undercity


"Spare me your false words, Prophet. I can tell that you judge me ... You deem me selfish, hungry for power and driven by greed. You think that all of the poverty in the Undercity is due to my decisions. But there is a fundamental flaw in your thinking, Prophet... You're idealistic.

Yes... you still believe in a vision of a world free and beautiful, where none are starving, a world liberated from wars and violence... But you're chasing an illusion. Both prosperity and satiety can only exist where there are poverty and hunger. And only those who bore witness to violence and wars can appreciate the privilege of safety and peace. And every one of those living down there, every single of of them, they have all been unfortunate enough to have been born on the painful side of the scale, which is needed to maintain stability! Make everyone rich, and they'll do everything in their power to recreate poverty among themselves. Make everyone poor, and they will gut themselves for a loaf of bread... This is the truth, as bitter as it may taste.

And you,you would do better to accept that. Bid your delusional phantasies farewell... Because all idealists I have gotten to know ended up doing more harm than they did good."

Natara Dal'Veram
Second Leader of the Holy Order


Best wishes,


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» 16.12.2013 00:13
[Short news] Glimmerdust cave

Vote for Enderal!

„You think I’m exaggerating? Now you listen to me, pal – A simple execution will be the kindest thing Crocco will do to us, if these damned Kilé somehow get their hands on the shipment. There are two reasons that the fence pays us that damn much for just a quarter ounce of Glimmercapdust – Number one: Once someone gets hooked on it he’ll take it till he bites the dust and thus makes a bloody good customer, if you get what I mean. Number two: We ain’t the only ones searching every fucking cave for those stupid mushrooms. So just to be clear: Conk out once while on watch or be sloppy about this job and I’ll send you on your Last Journey a lot earlier that you’d like it. Got it?”
- A smuggler


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» 14.12.2013 18:46
[Short news] The Pinnacle Desert

"As perilous the sweeping desert in Enderals East may be, there is hardly any region as important for the country's economy. There are no caverns as rich in Shadowsteel veins as the Redstone Burrows, and the sulfurous springs are as beautiful as they are essential for the fabrication of Endralean firepowder. However, the travelling adventurer should always be aware of the fearsome Bonerippers, who stalk the dunes in search of prey, the wild Myrads whose nests crown upon the namegiving pinnacles as well as of Lost Ones, whose dead bodies wander through the lush oases [...]"
- Endralean Encyclopedia
Lexil Merrum, High Arcanist of the Holy Order


Best wishes,


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