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06.26.2016 - 12:32

the cleansing is near, only one week until release of Enderal - Time to take a look at our launch trailer! Enjoy

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05.27.2016 - 12:28
As the development of Enderal is nearing it's end, here's the second-to-last chapter of Jaél Tannerson's story. Enjoy!

Butcher of Ark, Chapter 9: The Rise

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04.02.2016 - 14:21
As the release draws in, here's a (spoiler-free) sample of Enderal and it's English voice acting.

Credit to Jack DeGolia for providing the excellent voice acting! You will hear more from him and over 30 other English voice actors in the English version of Enderal. (http://www.jackwestcoast.com/)

Music composed by Marvin Kopp and Nicolas Lietzau, Art by Marcel Schmid.


Credit: Jack DeGolia (Voice Acting)
Music: Marvin Kopp & Nicolas Lietzau
Art: Marcel Schmid

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01.05.2016 - 11:21
Walk blessed,

this time I want to take a closer look at the soundtrack of Enderal, which currently encompasses more than 4 hours of music composed by Marvin Kopp, Nicolas Lietzau, Simon W. Authenrieth, Andreas Makusev and several others.

Enderal’s soundtrack uses mainly 2 tracks as leitmotifs:

“Towards the Horizon”And “Black Light”

Parts of their melodies appear constantly throughout the entire soundtrack – also in the pieces used as exploration tracks.

These tracks are specific for each region; you will hear completely different background music when walking through the desert as when exploring the Northwind Mountains.

Several examples:

"Sound of Fugacity"

"North Winds"


"In the Sunlight"

As exploring in Enderal usually is far from peaceful there are also several action/battle themes which are unique for the area you currently visit, too.

When you are neither exploring nor battling you will often hold talks with several people in the vast world. Among those there are many important people such as your 2 followers and comrades Jespar and Calia. These people all have their own character themes which capture their emotions and way of living.
Calia’s theme is “Two Souls”, Jespar’s “Every Day as the last”

The main quest of Enderal also has many special tracks which were adjusted to certain scenes and themes of the main story, such as “Echo of the Past” or “The Dead don't forget”

This already marks the end of our journey into the soundtrack of Enderal – if you liked it I hope you are willing to hear more of Enderal’s soundtrack; either in Youtube or in soundcloud.
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12.31.2015 - 12:34
"You wouldn't", Qalian responded. "The Black Libra can't be shattered, as much as a forbidden thought can't be erased. You can prohibit it by lay, you can burn writings about it, but it will never vanish. This trial, it is not about loyalty", he continued. "If you weren't loyal, I would have killed you long ago."

"What is it about then?"

"About limits."

In order to not let the year end without any new material, here's the 8th, and second-to-last chapter of the Butcher of Ark!

Enjoy, and happy new year!

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