10.25.2015 - 18:16

since the German localization has come close to completion, we're currently looking for help with the English version of Enderal, particularily with in-game texts such as items, messages, books, et cetera (the dialogue's translation is almost finished.). Perfect understanding of the German language is a must, English as a mother tongue is a plus, but not obligatory. Also, you should have a basic understanding of the CK and be serious about helping us out.

Shoot us an eMail to if you're interested.

All the best,

10.11.2015 - 16:14
Even though our English-speaking fans won't be able to understand much, here's nonetheless a sample of the German localization of Enderal. It is close to completion now, and all in all, Enderal features roughly about twice the amount of dialogue as games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition (We repeat: That's an estimate. ).

The English localization is in the making. Right now we're still translating the script, but a lot of Voice Actors have already agreed to help us. Reaching the same, professional level as in the German version will be hard, but hopefully do-able.

Credit for the video:

Andreas Wilde - Tealor Arantheal
Daniela Brabetz-Thuar - Natara
Annina Braunmiller-Jest - Novice
Martin Sabel - Jespar
Michelle Winter - Calia Sakaresh
Andi Krösing - Banker Samael Silren
Bernd Vollbrecht - Sigil BearerJorek Bartarr

Finally, a small update on the progress of the development: We're fixing bugs. Lot's of them.

Over and out,

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08.16.2015 - 22:33
... into the first scenes our current Alpha-Build, put together by the YouTuber "Frank Sirius" - this time even with ENB. Thanks a bunch, Frank!

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06.03.2015 - 18:02

as already mentioned in our last news post (13.05.15), we received a lot of questions regarding whether it was possible to support our current or future projects via other means besides PayPal.

We are happy to announce: From now on it is possible provides a great, comfortable and simple payment system called G2A Pay, which you can now use to choose one of eight additional methods of payment besides PayPal.

These include:

  • Paysafecard

  • Kreditkarte

  • Sofort

  • Alipay

  • G2A Wallet

  • iDeal

  • Giropay

  • VTC

Edit: Currently G2A Pay is improving their services. This is why they have taken down several payment methods, but they should be back at the end of this weekend. G2A Wallet, Paypal and VTC are still available.

Visit the donation page on this site to donate.

How-to Donate
1. Enter the desired amount and (nick-)name

2. Confirm the donation

3. Choose payment method and enter your payment details - be happy

Your donations ease the development of our projects tremendously.
Your donations ease the development of our projects tremendously. To show our appreciation, we are going to list the name you gave us during the donation process in the games‘ credits!

Thank you for your attention and have a great day!

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05.24.2015 - 16:05
We tweaked the shading for Enderal. The results are significant less pixel fragments in real-time shadows and a "softer" lighting of our scenes without any significant performance loss.

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