07.23.2024 - 20:38
We are proud to deliver "They Came From Venus" to you!

Available now on Steam!

This mix of science fiction and seventies vibe tells the story of Lynn, who is stranded alone with her uncle in the middle of nowhere.

Are you a fan of retro horror stories? Then this scary experience might be just the thing for you!

On Youtube you can find a little musical teaser (composed by Marvin) before the horror begins!
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03.22.2024 - 15:36
After more than one hundred patches, several thousands of bug fixes, tweaks and adjustments it is time to conclude Dreadful Rivers first year of being in Early Access.

Since the first release in February 28, 2023 a bunch of new content has found its way into the game:

  • way, WAY better performance
  • and still better graphics
  • the SEARCH FOR THE CROWNSTONES mainquest branch is fully implemented
  • a gateway town where the river branches into the three biomes was introduced
  • there are now forts to conquer
  • and more factions
  • there’s wildlife, hunting and fishing
  • on land ruins, mines, caves, and ancient starling halls are waiting to be explored
  • skill trees, including special crown skills
  • more character classes for hire
  • siege engines
  • crew members can be positioned on the raft
  • nicer to use inventory system
  • more stuff to collect, use, craft and cook
  • loads of general QoL and bugfixes
  • Achievements

Now what’s next?
  • the underworld biome
  • more gear, spells, weapons
  • additional crafting plans and cooking recipes
  • new skilltrees
  • various new enemy types
  • new siege engine types
  • new factions
  • more dungeons
  • overall more river

Also you can now get Dreadful River not just on Steam and GOG, but also on the Epic Games Store.

For the future we are also experimenting with different game ideas in the background to follow up the development of Dreadful River. One of them is THEY CAME FROM VENUS, another one was in cryostasis for some years now and will be revealed in some weeks time.

Ending our update post with an obligatory busy-working-on-stuff picture.

See you next time :)
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10.20.2023 - 13:42
SureAI was founded 20 years ago today 🎉 🎂 !

We thank you for your support so far and hopefully also in the future!
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04.26.2023 - 12:40
Steam Puzzle Fest is upon us, with a huge discount for Mad Restaurant People, check it out on Steam.
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03.31.2023 - 17:32
A month has passed since the Early Access release.
Thank you for exploring the river and giving us your feedback! You can now fish from rafts and hunt wildlife on land.
These features are still being expanded. In addition, you can now discover the ruins of the Ancients.

Check out the changelog thread for more :)

Feedback and bug reports will continue to be answered and addressed as quickly as possible. Please keep it up!

The next major updates include
- Positioning of the crew members on the raft
- Dungeons under the Ancient Ruins
- The first Crown Stone for the main mission

... and more to come. What other ideas and suggestions do you have? Let us know!
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03.10.2023 - 15:44
Ten days since the Early Access release. A big thank you to everyone who is accompanying us on the journey on the river!

During this time we've been busy and released some updates. (you can find the full changelog here)

We continue to try to process feedback and bug reports as quickly as possible.
Please keep it up, we appreciate your messages! We need your input because we want to constantly improve your gaming experience.

Bigger updates coming soon
  • Fishing from the raft
  • Hunting wild animals on land
  • The first Crown Stone for the main mission

More features are in the works. What other ideas and suggestions do you have? Let us know!
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02.28.2023 - 17:52
Announcement time!

Today, on 28th of February 2023, our new game Dreadful River launches into Early Access on Steam and GOG.
Join the journey! Survive and explore the river! Be part of the Early Access phase!

Without further ado, here's our brand new trailer:

If you like what you see, visit our store pages and give it a try. As always, we'll be happy about your feedback!

In case you want to play it before buying, we got you covered! Downloading the demo of the game is completely free and gives you an authentic first-hand impression of Dreadful River.

For quick bugfixes and fresh content, we're seeking to update the game on a weekly basis.

Our next major project is still in the making, and by playing Dreadful River, you will support SureAI and its resources for future, possibly bigger, releases.

Thanks to all of you for your support!
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