Since 2003, we have been and still are being supported by a lot of people who we owe our thanks to:

  • 2day-Productions, a professional sound studio located in Berlin. They significantly helped with and managed the localization fo both Enderal and Nehrim and thus allowed us to create a fully voiced game with no budget.

  • Nevigo is the creator oft he Game-Design and Writing-tool "Articy Draft", which they offered us for special conditions.

  • Countless Voice Actors who gave us their voice and acted, entirely pro-bono for our past titles. A list with all voice actors appearing in our games can be found on the project pages, as well as in the game's credits.
For the development of our upcoming projects we are using Epic Games Unreal Engine technology.
Contract Work
We've supported the level building proccess for Ad Infinitum by Hekate Games. Ad Infinitum is a first-person survival horror game with a focus on atmosphere and story. Check out their website for more.
We support the Stiers GmbH with thier different web projects, SEO and interactive marketing solutions.