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Genre: Role Playing Game
Released: 2010
Language: German, English
Platform: Windows PC
Cast Development Team

"You may believe that it is only man, who is responsible for what he might become. No matter if this is true, in Nehrim, it is not. Here rules another order. Here rules fate." - Official Website
"Nehrim - At Fate´s Edge" is an epic Total Conversion for the rpg "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", creating a completely new world and offers over 50 hours of entertainment.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion + Patch 1.2.0416
PC Gamer US: "Best mod of 2010"
ModDB.com: "Best single player mod of the year"


How extensive is the world space and how has it been created?

The land mass approximately equals the one of Oblivion. However, in Nehrim the landscape is entirely hand-built and thus has a lot more variety in it than those monotonous forests in Oblivion that have been generated to 90%.

How long will it take me to beat the game?

As opposed to Oblivion, the Main Quest, including 35 single quests, is to the fore in Nehrim. Our Main Quest isn't just much more intense than Oblivion's, but also more extensive. You can beat Oblivion in about 10 hours. This most definitely will not be possible in Nehrim. Additionally, there will be about 30 side quests.

Do I need Shivering Isles or Knights of the Nine?

No, you only need the original Oblivion game.

What is the most profound difference to Oblivion?

The skill system. In Nehrim, you level up by gaining experience points. You gain experience points by killing monsters and most of all for finishing quests. This is the best way to motivate the player to play them. At each level-up you get "learning points" you can trade for skill upgrades at a teacher - just as in the Gothic series.

What is the story about?

As the name suggests, fate is going to be one of the main aspects. Just the point of view is going to be unorthodox. You are guaranteed not to find a story like "An evil necromancer threatens the kingdom and wants to take over the world". Promise. Nehrim s story has a rather tragic touch; but that's all we're going to spoil for the time being. As for the background story one could say that Nehrim is not the funny fantasy fairyland you would expect. At the time the player wanders Nehrim, a fairly big war is going on, and you can tell.

Do I need Shivering Isles or any of the DLCs?

No, you will only need the original Oblivion with the latest patch installed.

Are there new weapons, armor and spells?

Of course, there is a whole bunch of them. Although everyone is to find out about them by themselves, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned: Truly powerful weaponry and spells cannot be purchased at a merchant, but need to be found in the depths of a dungeon or received as a quest reward. We promise. It is going to be worthwhile to solve every single quest or to search every dark hole you find on your way.

Did you keep Oblivion's Fast Traveling System?

No. The player can travel by foot or ride a horse. Furthermore, there is a choice of teleport spells for the more remote locations and we reintroduced the "Mark" and "Return" spells known from Morrowind. By no means does the missing fast traveling system make the player wander around senselessly for hours and hours - the quest design adapts to the circumstances.

What about guilds?

They are gone, at least officially. Of course the inhabitants of Nehrim all belong to different factions, but these don't provide quests for the player. There is just no sense in a Mages' or Fighters' Guild in a warring country.

What is the technical procedure after I download Nehrim?

Most of the work is done by the Nehrim installer. All you need is an installed copy of Oblivion. The installer automatically creates a copy of your Oblivion folder and installs the Nehrim data in there. This is necessary since Nehrim overwrites many of your Oblivion files. This way you can always switch between playing Nehrim and Oblivion.

Can I keep my character from Oblivion to play Nehrim?

No, for that would be contradictory to the game mechanics. But to silence the fear: Just because you have to create a new character for Nehrim you will not need to delete your old Oblivion avatars - we would like to tell you that both can coexist - just they remain in Oblivion. Nehrim is, as already mentioned, a completely new game and hence requires the player to start as a greenhorn.

Will the items the player can find and the items the NPCs are equipped with depend on the player's level?

Bandits wearing Daedric armor? No! The items' quality depends on the region you find them in. Anyway, you will never meet a bandit with Daedric armor. On one hand this armor type will not appear in Nehrim; on the other hand it doesn't make any sense. Such valuable armor and weapons will be quite rare in the world and you will never find them complete in one place (i.e. the whole armor set in one chest). There will be unique and legendary items in the world. In order to find them you will have to read books and follow several side quests. These items are mostly hidden in places a low-level character has no chance to enter and leave again alive. Enchantments are also quite seldom. In Oblivion it was very easy to create a god character just by enchanting items.

How does the player start into the adventure anyways?

In a prison? That would be traditional; however, Nehrim will not start that way. We don't want to reveal more, it shall just be noted that Nehrim's start locations will be far more spectacular than those in Oblivion...

Is there a new soundtrack and are the dialogues dubbed?

Yes, the new music takes care of you feeling that you play in an entirely new world. We also valued professional voice acting very much. All our voices are professional actors' work (although only in German). Thus you won't hear cracking and rustling noises. Also, Nehrim has a span of over 50 voices which is more than Oblivion itself.

Am I forced to play with a pre-generated character (for example like in Gothic)?

The character generation will be the same as in Oblivion. You can choose from different races, classes and zodiac signs, although the choice of your zodiac will be later on.

Is it compatible to OOO, RAFIM, Warcry and IDONTKNOWWHAT?

Nehrim has nothing to do with Oblivion. Consequently these mods cannot be used together with Nehrim, since they were not developed for it.