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0000996Enderal[All Projects] Soundpublic2019-03-25 05:56
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Summary0000996: Music will only play on start menu
DescriptionSo I noticed that the music in the Undercity wasn't working and at first I was like oh okay nbd. But then I realised that no music except for that on the start menu was actually working. I looked it up online and found the remove music fix and tried that with all the silent files and still nothing, so i saved and reloaded, again nothing, so i made a new game and nope no music, tried the remove silent files again and still nothing, yet the music will play at the start menu, so idk what is going on there
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duplicate of 0001274 new Patch update didn't fix my music issue 
related to 0000983 closedstuemper Low music 



2019-02-26 00:38

reporter   ~0002153

this seems to be the same as 0000983


2019-02-26 01:05

reporter   ~0002156

Yeah its very similar, for me tho, the music simply never played, I didn't notice it at first bc it's hard to notice what's not there, but yeah no music at all except the start menu :/


2019-02-26 01:36

reporter   ~0002162

Can you try starting combat and quicksaving in combat, and reloading that same quicksave? That reactivated combat music for me (just works 1 time though, at least for me)


2019-02-26 01:40

reporter   ~0002164

So I tried that with two different battles, both in a cave tho and no music started playing


2019-03-25 05:19

administrator   ~0002605

Is this still an issue on the newest patch? If so, please attach your save consisting of .ess and .skse file. Saves are located in Documents\My Games\Enderal\saves\


2019-03-25 05:56

administrator   ~0002615

Ah just noticed, you created a new issue.

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