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0000983Enderal[All Projects] Soundpublic2019-03-11 15:30
ReporterSmilymilkmanAssigned Tostuemper 
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Summary0000983: Low music
DescriptionMusic starts off normally when loading game and then it fades into the backround still audiable when effects is turned down. I revisited an earlier save and it had normal sounding music so i don't know really what to make off it.
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related to 0000996 closed Music will only play on start menu 



2019-02-24 18:14


quicksave.ess.bak (5,558,285 bytes)
quicksave.skse (3,683 bytes)


2019-02-25 05:47

reporter   ~0002120

Same problem for me, music plays normally for 2-3 seconds while loading save file, then fades to very low volume during the loading screen.
Loading an older save file does not help.

I tried the console command removemusic for the following:

_00E_SilenceLongTransitionHighPriority 10486D
_00E_SilenceAbruptHighPriority C08EE
_00E_SilenceLongTransitionHighPriority 12EAC6
_00E_SilenceTransitionHighPriority DE718
_00E_SilenceTransitionLowPriority EAC97
_00E_SilenceTransitionLowPriority02 13C973

about 10-20 times each, which did not solve the problem. Neither did verifying game files in Steam or restarting the game/PC.

Not 100% sure what triggered it, last locations I visited were Old Askamahn, Powder Desert and Duneville.


2019-02-26 00:32

reporter   ~0002151

This is really weird, I experimented a bit with OP's and my own saves and found out several things:

Quicksaving during combat on a sound-bugged file (e.g. the one OP provided) and reloading that quicksave reactivates combat music, but a random one will be played.
This can include a combat theme that never plays in that location. Likely the one with which the bug was introduced into the save file?
So it's likely caused by quicksaving/loading during combat.
The random/unfitting battle theme is different for OP and me, mine is "Prey-Beutezug", for me it will also play e.g. in Ark or the Undercity, where it's never supposed to play.

Now it gets a bit more weird.
Reactivating the combat music by that method fixed music (in general) on pre-bug save files for me.
If you reactivate combat music by quicksave/reloading during battle and load another save file (with sound bug) that is NOT in combat, the unfitting combat music will play.
Other music will still not work though.
If you load the exact same (out of combat) save again, it will be silent again.

On sound-bugged files, the sound effects for discovering a new location and level-up don't play in game, but if you quit to main menu it will instantly play there (?)
So it somehow gets queued behind whatever is blocking the regular in-game music I guess?

Can anyone test it it behaves the same way for you guys? I attached 2 save files to this:
- 008: out of combat, right in front of an undiscovered location
- quicksave: in combat

Saves (4,982,849 bytes)


2019-02-26 01:54

reporter   ~0002166

Here's a save file in an earlier stage of the bug. As you load the file, overworld music still works.

If you fight the next group of enemies (not moving, just casting 3 times on that file will do that) the combat music will start to play, but doesn't stop any longer - afterwards all music is gone.
Moving ahead to discover the location "queues" the sound and it will only play if you return to main menu.

If you don't fight that group of enemies, but use e.g. "Return to Sun Temple" scroll and attack anyone there, combat music will never play, same in other locations like Frostcliff Tavern or Undercity.
If you start a fight there (no combat music), but return to the original group of enemies afterwards, THERE the combat music works again (plays once, no music + queued location sound afterwards). Weird.

Saves Soundbug Next (2,117,779 bytes)


2019-02-26 02:05

reporter   ~0002167

So it seems like the "no combat music, but overworld still works" is a pre-state of this bug, until you get to a fight which 'forces' combat music to start (?) like the one I provided in my last post, which will then trigger the "no music at all"-bug.


2019-02-27 00:12

reporter   ~0002193

Unfortunately, I'm running into the same issues as Riemenschneider, the music is all gone from my game as well.

Save 16 - Darius Heartland 30.59.35.ess (4,779,068 bytes)
Save 16 - Darius Heartland 30.59.35.skse (3,755 bytes)


2019-02-27 02:23

reporter   ~0002199

Enemy "Yogosh" (ID: 000954d3 baseID: 000954d9 area "Old Yogosh") triggers forced combat music on my bugged file, which does not stop after enemy has been defeated. As you have to kind of start this fight manually, it seems to be coded in a different way than regular overworld/combat music.


2019-02-27 07:26

developer   ~0002219

@Krag, the following console command helped me with your Save 16:
removemusic _00E_SilenceLongTransitionHighPriority

Note that combat music still won't be played in this location. Regular combat music is not played if the enemies are 5+ levels below you (unless they are bosses or at level 30+), and, for example, the wolves right in front are level 10 against your level 25.

Also note that after applying the removemusic command above, ambient music may still disappear for some time if you venture further forward. It's normal and happens in transitional zones between two "regions". The music will start playing again as you approach the Farmer's Coast settlement ahead or turn back to Ark.


2019-02-27 08:14

developer   ~0002221

@Riemenschneider, your problem with combat music in Saves Soundbug Next is unrelated to Krag's issue and probably to Smilymilkman's (OP) one. I can upload you a "quick and dirty" temporal fix before the official one come out.


2019-02-27 11:58

reporter   ~0002225

@gavrant removemusic _00E_SilenceLongTransitionHighPriority worked for my issue as well. (0001011)


2019-02-27 13:19

reporter   ~0002231

@gavrant sounds great! What do I need to do? Thanks a lot for your time. I'm attaching my current save file just in case, but if it only works with the one I already uploaded, that's fine as well.

Current (1,976,531 bytes)


2019-02-27 13:23

reporter   ~0002232

Correction: the console command seemed to fix everything except combat music. So far it hasn't played for some reason.


2019-02-27 13:34

developer   ~0002234

@Riemenschneider, @rtf54 : the "hotfix" for combat music is attached to this note.
Unpack the .zip to your ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Enderal\Data folder, load a bugged save with combat music not playing, wait for about 5 seconds, then try to fight someone.

If it helps, keeps the two files ("scripts" folder, _00e_epupdatefunctions.pex and _00e_playerfunctions.pex) until the next official Enderal update (if the fix will be included into it). After that it's better to delete those files to avoid conflicts with the "official" versions of the scripts.

Enderal - Combat Music (7,361 bytes)


2019-02-27 13:57

reporter   ~0002235

@gavrant works like a charm! Instantly got all overworld and combat music back. Thanks so much for your help.


2019-02-27 14:37

reporter   ~0002237

That indeed did it, thanks!


2019-03-01 21:01

administrator   ~0002305

Fixed for the next patch by gavrant.

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