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0000934Enderal[All Projects] Scriptpublic2019-10-15 18:06
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Summary0000934: Ghostblade affinity doesn't activate
DescriptionHi, I'm playing a character with Trickster/Phasmalist and have reached the point where the class changed to Ghostblade, however my Apparition never teleports upon a sneak attack. I have not tried on a different file, and I did use the console to add some memory point books and arrows, but I've tried many times with this character and everything else seems to work just fine apart from this Affinity.

P.S. Thanks so much for all of y'all's dedication, professionalism, and just overall awesomeness. I'm amazed every single time I play how much effort and detail you guys put into this beautiful world. It is truly a work of collaborative art that you all should be beyond proud of. I, along with so many others I talk to about the game, sincerely appreciate your hard work. You all have made the world a more fun place!
Steps To ReproduceHave 10 points in Trickster/Phasmalist, have Ghostblade class in H screen, use sneak attack against any enemy
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has duplicate 0001356 closedgavrant Geisterklinge funktioniert nicht 
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2019-02-22 21:16


Save 20 - Arc Ark Nobles Quarter 24.03.51.ess (3,992,629 bytes)


2019-02-22 21:20

reporter   ~0002060

Sorry in advance if I classified anything in this incorrectly. I'm not sure if this is high priority or considered a feature, but the class-combos are one of the most compelling parts of the character building system for me, and it seems like y'all put a lot of work into putting those affinities and their in-story links into the world, so it seemed like a high priority feature in my book.


2019-02-25 06:52

administrator   ~0002131

Please also attach the respective .skse file. Thanks


2019-03-02 02:20

reporter   ~0002316

I'm sorry. I'm not sure how to do that. Where is the .skse file?


2019-03-02 02:59

administrator   ~0002317

It's located in the very same directory as the .ess file: Documents\my games\Enderal\saves\


2019-03-23 14:03

reporter   ~0002571

I opened unintentionally another entry. Same topic only in German.
If possible please delete or close my one.

Save 6 - Erila Sonnentempel Chronikum 24.25.47.ess (4,065,276 bytes)
Save 6 - Erila Sonnentempel Chronikum 24.25.47.skse (3,754 bytes)


2019-10-15 18:06

reporter   ~0003239

It seems that I have the same problem, no matter what apparition/weapon I use - the ghost blade never triggers. Here the save files in case you need more examples (Russian version).

56 - Diffore 55.41.12.skse (6,784 bytes)
56 - Diffore 55.41.12.ess (6,052,372 bytes)

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