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Summary0000910: Ark Gatehouses are private spaces but not locked
DescriptionIn the Ark Foreign Quarter are many doors to Ark, Gatehouse. None of them that I am aware of are locked so they invite entry without consequence. However the interior space behind is owned by the City Guard. Entering them is considered trespass and if spotted will trigger the trespass timer often resulting in arrest or attack by the Guards.

The CellID is 0007075B - CapitalCityWallhouse01 - Ark, Gatehouse

I would advise that the doors at ground level at least are locked with fairly basic locks to communicate to the player that the interior space is private. Some of the rooftop doors could have basic locks but trapdoors might be left unlocked.

According to the ESM file there are 10 external doors to the Foreign Quarter and 4 internal ones. See attached screenshot for external door IDs.
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