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0000883Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2019-12-01 00:44
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Summary0000883: Assortment of clipping issues
DescriptionA couple of armours have missing meshes, or one piece will go right through the other. The set of the swashbuckler works fine on men, but the model used for it in female character is the Vagrant armour; The chest piece will clip with the gloves. The set of the north has the wrists completely missing. The magic-imbued robes has similar issues to vanilla skyrim. The guard boots might make parts of the leg invisible, probably due to how it wasnt intended to be worn alone. Screenshots attached, only a few that I found so far, might update if I find more clipping issues like this. I have disabled all mods to screenshot.
Steps To ReproduceWear the Swashbuckler Set with a female character.
Wear Magic-Imbued robes with most shoes
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has duplicate 0001030 closedstuemper Fäuste des Nordens: Armgelenke fehlen 



2019-02-21 16:49


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2019-08-20 18:20

administrator   ~0003148

What's possible to fix of the reported clipping issues, will be fixed in the next patch.

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