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0000814Enderal[All Projects] AIpublic2020-01-18 21:24
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Summary0000814: Jespar picked up a Bloodstained Warhammer to use, keeps carrying it around.
DescriptionDuring the main quest in the Living Temple, Jespar picked up one of the Bloodstained Warhammers used by the large Lost Ones there and kept using it and carrying around ever since. I removed it from his using the console (item ID 0102413F) and he started using his daggers again.
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2019-02-19 17:14

administrator   ~0001917

I don't know if we can fix this.


2019-02-20 16:21

reporter   ~0001959

Just change his 2h skill to 1, I guess?
That's what I did with my Skyrim followers to force them use item X over Y: change their skills accordingly, so they prefer the other thing.


2020-01-18 21:24

reporter   ~0003332

I got the same issue today when playing and had to resort to the same solution, "removeitem 0102413F". Not that it matters anyway since all followers, including Jespar, does little to no damage against any creature or humanoid, but it just looked odd seeing him swinging a two handed hammer.

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