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Summary0000804: Spectralist Affinity doesn't work properly
DescriptionFrom reddit user: u/The_Interregnum

The Ritualist class ability that buffs your Apparition when you have a summon doesn’t seem to apply at all. It doesn’t show any differences in the stats menu when the apparition is summoned, and other tests indicate no increases in hp, stamina, or damage.
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has duplicate 0001282 closed "Ritualist" affinity passive ability not working. 



2020-01-27 03:01

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After doing some digging I found out that it partially works currently. However, the actor value changes are not displayed in the menu. I need to edit the menu itself. That would also solve the issue that the attack damage buff of the Ring of the Summoner/Phasmalist/...etc isn't displayed in the menu (issue was mentioned in 867)

Currently, the Affinity Spectralist buffs the attack damage of the apparition about 20% when a summoned creature is around, but it doesn't do anything for spell users.

Need to fix:
A) display issue aka editing the menu
B) appyling buffs for mages as well

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