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0000801Enderal[All Projects] AIpublic2019-12-01 00:45
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Summary0000801: Vatyrs can't handle being targetted by Oorbaya
DescriptionWhenever my Oorbaya summon targetted a Vatyr and the Vatyr targetted Oorbaya, Vatyr started to run backwards, away from Oorbaya.
It seems broken only in this case.
When there was a group of 3 Vatyrs, only the one targetted by Oorbaya was running backwards, the other 2 were successfully attacking Oorbaya's back.
Same when they are targetting me - everything works fine till Oorbaya gets their attention.
Steps To ReproduceSummon Oorbaya. Let the Vatyr target it, enjoy the show (no idea if that matters, but I tested only on vatyrs in frostcliff mountains (lvl and id on screenshot))
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2019-02-19 12:43


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2019-07-26 03:06

administrator   ~0003092

That's more likely to be caused by wonky navmesh. I fixed some of that around the hut.

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