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0000480Enderal[All Projects] Dialogue/Localizationpublic2019-02-18 00:37
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Summary0000480: typo issue
DescriptionReport in wrong project view, please ignore this lol.

Record: MESG - _00E_Message_Theriantrophist_P06a_Howl[01029BD2]
Tier III: Nearby enemies take 60 damage and stagger. Weak enemies flee.

Tier III effect should be 80 damage acccording to the description of perk.(Record: PERK - _00E_Class_Theriantrophist_P06a_Talent_Howl_03[0102EA90])

Record: ALCH - _00E_FS_Theriantrophist_Chymikum_Health[0102E759]
Chymicom: Sturdiness -> Chymicum: Sturdiness

Translate_ENGLISH.txt from /data/inferface folder.
$ConfigMenuVideoSkipInfo potion -> option
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