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0000293Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2019-02-18 00:37
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Summary0000293: Enemies won't shatter after killing them during "Arctic Wind", instead they freeze in place and can't be looted
DescriptionSometimes (usually after combining Arctic Storm with some other magic, for example: "Shock Nova" or "Eye of The Storm" enemies won't be shattered and instead will enter this frozen state, in which they can't be looted or interacted with. It wouldn't be too much of a problem, but this tends to also mess with scripts and AI's, making some quests undoable unless Arctic Wind isn't used.

Enemies will be lootable thought if you reenter the area through loading screen, but the frozen state will remain, they will not be ragdolled, but will remain frozen during the animation they were last doing while being alive.
Steps To ReproduceIt doesn't happen ALL the time, althought it happens quite often, and from what I saw, mostly after killing them with magic (Runes, Shock Nova, or some other spells).

1. Freeze them with Arctic Storm
2. Quickly kill them, it often happens when killing them using huge bursts of damage at once.
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2018-12-05 22:34

administrator   ~0000272

Yes, this bug has already been fixed but it isn't not patched yet.

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