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0001972Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2020-11-27 14:01
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Summary0001972: Word of the Dead dialogue bug breaks the game
DescriptionThis is the SECOND time I'm reporting this bug. Took a long break from Enderal after it couldn't be fixed the last time, but I thought why not try again? I deleted everything from my PC and reinstalled.
After waking up in the Aged Man's mansion after taking part in the Pyrean memories, you have to talk to the 'servant'.
However, the only dialogue option doesn't function. You can't leave the room, the only option to continue the game is to talk to the 'servant' but you can't talk to him. Hence, the game is then completely broken. You're stuck.
Steps To ReproduceThis time I made many, frequent saves leading up to this point. After restarting the computer, trying different saves, the bug happens every time I get to the point where "how did I get here?" is a dialogue option.
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2020-11-23 02:35


Save 507 - Adders Aged Man's Manor 18.16.55.ess (Attachment missing)


2020-11-23 10:54

updater   ~0003787

please also upload the .skse file with the same filename
both files are needed to load a save


2020-11-24 09:46

reporter   ~0003790

OK, sorry here it is:

Save 507 - Adders Aged Man's Manor 18.16.55.skse (4,804 bytes)


2020-11-24 13:17

administrator   ~0003791

Thanks, could you re-attach your .ess file. It has gone missing because the server needed to be reset.
I'll try to get to the issue in the evening / night.


2020-11-24 22:36

reporter   ~0003793

Alright, here it is.

Save 507 - Adders Aged Man's Manor 18.16.55-2.ess (3,340,994 bytes)


2020-11-24 23:13

administrator   ~0003794

Ok, so what exactly do you mean with the only dialogue option doesn't function? Does it automatically cancel the dialog once he responds? Or is the line not clickable for you in the menu?
When I load the save, it works fine on both public and internal version. I can click on the line and a rather short dialog takes place.

Do you use any mods?


2020-11-25 22:59

reporter   ~0003795

Hi, what happens is - the dialogue line "how did I get here?" appears but isn't clickable. Can't click or activate it by pressing Enter. Therefore stuck and game cannot continue.
I'm using a few mods (630 mods in Skyrim is no problem): No magic ninja AI dodge; Enhanced camera; Better Ark; Ice claw max weight limit 2; and NPC overhaul.

So are you suggesting I make a new game without any mods and play through to get to this stage and see if it's still a bug?


2020-11-26 23:55

administrator   ~0003796

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I suspect it's one of your mods causing the issue, doesn't matter if you have Skyrim up and running with x mods. What happens if you uninstall your mods (one by one) and load your savegame? Does the bug still occur?
Do you have "Better Dialogue Controls" or something like that installed?
You don't have to create a new save, maybe just try to make sure you have a clean install (Uninstall Enderal, make sure there are no leftover files in the folder, reinstall Enderal, load save).


2020-11-27 03:21

reporter   ~0003797

I manually removed all files, ensured there were no mods, and did a clean install.

Now, no matter which saved game I load, keyboard input is not recognised. I can't even use Escape to quit the game.

So, Enderal is now even more broken than before. I verified game files in Steam and it said 100% ok.

I've never had to spend so much time with bugs in any game before, so guessing I should just forget it exists and move on.


2020-11-27 14:01

administrator   ~0003798

Since it's working completely fine on my end with your modded save, I highly suspect that something on your PC interferes and that's basically impossible for me to debug.
Skyrim's engine is know for causing trouble with keyboard inputs. You can try a couple of different things here:
- Try to disable the Steam overlay.
- Try to unplug controllers if you have any / make sure the controller input is not selected in the Enderal Launcher.
- Close all background programs.
- Run the launcher and .exe files as Admin.
- Search through the hundreds of threads related to Skyrim keyboad issues.

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