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0001968Enderal[All Projects] Launcherpublic2020-11-18 16:22
ReporterFr3312Assigned Tostuemper 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0001968: Game doesnt launch

I get Enderal on steam.
When i click on "Launch Enderal" in the launcher window, nothing happens.
I ve verified files of the game (and also skyrim files)
Problem is still there
I ve tried to re install the game.
Problem is still there.
I was playing yesterday very well.
Here a file to help you maybe.

Thanks for your help.

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2020-11-18 13:39


Launcher.log (96,852 bytes)


2020-11-18 16:22

administrator   ~0003778

Seems like something is blocking the launcher from running properly, but I can't tell which program is causing it (Anti-Virus program, WIndows Defender etc). Make sure to whitelist the launcher and the other executable files in those programs.

The bug tracker is meant for actual in-game bugs. This is a support request and would be better suited for our support forums: or the Steam support forums.

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