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0001963Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2020-11-16 15:24
ReporterDayneTreaderAssigned Tostuemper 
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Summary0001963: Black Light 1 Completion does not cause Black Light 2 to Start
DescriptionThe problem is pretty much declared in the summary. I have been unable to continue my game past Black Light 1 because the sequel quest does not start. I have tried giving him all three crystals at once, giving two then completing the day-after quests for Jespar and Calia then giving the third and I even tried the setstage commands to brute-force the quest, none of which are to any avail.

The animations did play through completely, the second stage of the quest just didn't start.
Steps To ReproduceGive all three crystals to Archmagister, wait for animations to play through.
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2020-10-30 07:57


autosave2.ess (4,141,279 bytes)


2020-10-31 18:54

administrator   ~0003762

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce the issues with your save. After loading it and giving the stone to Lexil, the quest automatically completes and starts Black Light, Part II. Have you tried restarting the game client and loading the save?
Please never use console commands to advance quests, in most cases you just cause more issues in the long run.

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