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0001961Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2020-11-30 00:31
ReporterKelarisAssigned Tostuemper 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001961: Shrouded Mages missing certain spells
DescriptionThe leveled list that all three Shrouded Mages use for their spell inventory, "_00E_FS_Forbidden_TraderSpellBooks_All [LVLI:0201E90D]", seems to be missing these spells:
_20E_SpellBookDeathBreath "Spell Tome: Death Breath (Rank III)" [BOOK:001379DE]
_20E_SpellBookDeathSpark "Spell Tome: Death Spark (Rank III)" [BOOK:001379E1]
_24E_FS_Spell_Psychose "Spell Tome: Psychosis (Rank III)" [BOOK:0201E8DA]
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2020-10-27 22:58

reporter   ~0003757

_20E_SpellBookBoundBattleAxe3 "Spell Tome: Summon Battleaxe (Rank III)" [BOOK:00137989] also seems to be missing.

_01E_SpellBookBoundSword1 "Spell Tome: Summon Sword (Rank I)" [BOOK:000E426D] is set to spawn at level 20, but is probably meant for level 1.


2020-10-31 17:54

administrator   ~0003760

Thanks, I found a bunch of other inconsistencies as well. Should be all fixed in the next patch.

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