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0001953Enderal[All Projects] Settingspublic2020-09-13 10:20
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Summary0001953: Control rebinding issue with the memory assignment area

I have rebinded my keys from a wasd setup to a ijkl layout.

Now whenever I close a container i get transfered to the memory assignment area. The issue is that the key bound to this does not work.

This means that if I open a container I get sent to that area and I cannot revert back to the fact that the bound key does not work.
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2020-09-11 21:54

reporter   ~0003733

Ended up rechanging the bindings, now I can get in and out of the area with my latest and previous binding for that action...


2020-09-13 10:20

administrator   ~0003735

Most likely the key is used twice in your settings.
You can change the new Enderal controls in ESC-> Mod config-> Enderal and then reassign meditation to another key.
Be careful, the key will always be displayed as the equivalent of the key pressed on a QWERTY keyboard layout.

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