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0001921Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2020-07-24 09:13
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Summary0001921: Two Souls Part I Does Not Complete
DescriptionWhen talking with Calia during Two Souls Part I, Calia leaves the windowsill to continue the conversation while sitting on the bed. When she does so, her dialogue briefly skips, and she does not continue what she was saying before.

Two Souls Part I does not complete, and, while you can start Part of Something Momentous Part III, asking Calia to give you a tour will result in her freezing at the doorway.

Using console commands to end the quest yields neither the XP reward nor it showing up in your completed quests journal. Calia remains frozen.
Steps To ReproduceAll Calia to continue speaking. When she moves to the bed, walk near to her. Unclear if you need to bump into her. She will not initiate dialogue; talking to her only gives the dialogue that moves on to Part of Something Momentous Part III.

Staying away from Calia as she moves allows her to keep talking.
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2020-07-24 00:58


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2020-07-24 09:13

administrator   ~0003661

This bug was already fixed for the next patch.
You can bypass it by completing the quest as soon as the conversation with Calia comes to an end by typing into console:
setstage cqc01 25

Then talk to Calia again and the mainquest continues.

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