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0001879Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2020-06-30 20:30
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Summary0001879: Part of something momentous part 3
DescriptionHi all, after following Calia around Sun Temple the said step of the quest doesn't complete and then the next,that is supposed to be "talk to Taelor" can't pop up, so i'm stucked. Can someone hepl me please?
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related to 0001874 closedstuemper Of Two Souls Part 1 



2020-06-02 10:16

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I bet it's related to the issue that I just fixed yesterday (it's not patched yet).

Did you "interrupt" the tour with Calia by talking to her? Then that would be the cause. Currently there is a bug that causes the main quest to stop if you talk to Calia during or after the tour.
The console command provided in the other ticket doesn't do anything for you here, so don't use it.
Please upload a save right before going on the tour and describe exactly what you did.
Saves are located in Documents\My Games\Enderal\saves\ and consist of .ess and .skse file.


2020-06-30 20:30

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No feedback, not reproducible

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