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0001867Enderal[All Projects] Balancingpublic2020-07-04 19:12
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Summary0001867: Esme armor stats
DescriptionI haven't tried this myself and might be wrong about it, but after hearing on several occasions that Esme seems to be very weak (knocked down with 1 hit), I checked her stats in CK: She has a heavy armor rating of 69 and a light armor rating of 5. Her armor is light armor. Maybe the values were supposed to be the other way round? Considering that she has fairly good combat skills it just made no sense to me why she should have such low armor rating. If it's already known feel free to ignore this.
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2020-05-27 20:49

administrator   ~0003537

I've changed it, but I doubt that it will make much of a difference. She should have 500 health during the quest. Do you have a save where she gets knocked down by one hit?


2020-07-04 19:12

administrator   ~0003621

No feedback, no saves. Closed.

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