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0001863Enderal[All Projects] Crashpublic2020-05-19 19:46
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Summary0001863: crash in the title screen
DescriptionHello guys
I have a problem with enderal.
I use the instal with steam and when i try to run it, it instant crash.
I try to move some seetings in the setting option but nothing work for this.
Ty for ur help.
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2020-05-19 14:50


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2020-05-19 19:45

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This might be an issue due to your game being located on your F: drive rather than on C:. Sometimes it can happen, that the launcher can't create some files properly.
You can try the following things:

1) Remove Enderal.ini and EnderalPrefs.ini from Documents\My Games\Enderal\ and restart the launcher and the game.

2) If that does not work, copy over Enderal_default.ini and EnderalPrefs_default.ini from ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Enderal\ into Documents\My Games\Enderal\. Rename them to Enderal.ini and EnderalPrefs.ini and replace the existing ones with these two new files.

3) And if both suggestions 1) and 2) are to no avail, then I suggest installing the game on the C: drive and see if that works for you.

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