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0001860Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2020-05-22 09:48
ReportereloijasperAssigned Tostuemper 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0001860: Unable to progress in "into the deep" quest due to tealor arantheal not opening dialogue and all related npcs being stuck busy
DescriptionTealor arantheal is meant to speak to me about the nerimese ships sighted however instead brings up the default dialogue option in which he says walk blessed. Attemps to fix include "resetai" and disabling and enabling him, as well as reloading earlier save however none have worked.
Steps To ReproduceWalk up to Tealor arantheal and wait for him to speak to you
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2020-05-17 22:52


autosave5.ess.bak (4,077,904 bytes)
autosave5.skse (4,049 bytes)
autosave5.ess (4,033,903 bytes)


2020-05-17 22:52

reporter   ~0003510

might be these saves

autosave4.ess.bak (4,012,378 bytes)
autosave4.skse (4,049 bytes)
autosave4.ess (4,030,915 bytes)


2020-05-18 00:46

administrator   ~0003511

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According to the journal the quest is already on a far later stage for some reason? How did you manage to do that? Did you use console commands to advance the quest?
Do you have a save prior to starting the quest?


2020-05-18 14:24

reporter   ~0003513

No idea to be honest, and the save I have from before is form very very far before and I'd rather not revert to it. I dont think I used console commands to advance the quest.


2020-05-18 20:59

administrator   ~0003516

Then it's basically impossible for me to debug why and where it happened and unfortunately there is no real console command that would allow you to play the quest normally and without causing any additional bugs. I've tried resetting and restarting the quest in your save, however, it didn't work. So I guess you have no real choice but to revert to an older save where the quest wasn't active yet.
I'd advice to create a save every now and then.

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