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0001805Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2020-05-14 01:05
ReporterKanickelKanoneAssigned Tostuemper 
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Summary0001805: A few Imperfections in the world(and 3 AI bugs)
DescriptionHello again. This is the last time i will upload bugs, because i completed Enderal few days ago. Except the AI bugs the imperfections aren't really important fixing, and it depends, if they are actually worth the effort.
1. Imperfections.(Mostly flickering because of overlapping textures(i guess)
2. AI bugs (Sadly i don't have the saves anymore but i hope that these situations are easily recreatable and testable)

And most importantly 3. Thank you very much for creating this amazing game and dedicating your free time to supporting this game for years. Enderal is one of the best games i've ever played.

You're the real MVP stuemper.(And the whole SureAI team) ;)
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2020-02-02 13:36

administrator   ~0003360

Fixed what's fixable.

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