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0001801Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2020-05-22 09:49
ReporterprotoarmorAssigned Tostuemper 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001801: Cant convince Mirrel in "The Elixir" quest to complete it peacefully
DescriptionStumbled upon this bug today, when tried convince Mirrel to help cure his daughter from Red Madness or kill her by myself. I have 40 Rhetorics (55 with amulet) but there is no choice for this.
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has duplicate 0001820 closed [Russian ver. ] The Elixir quest dialog option missing 



2020-01-23 10:20


1 - Vivi 00.45.45.ess (1,828,220 bytes)
1 - Vivi 00.45.45.skse (3,296 bytes)


2020-01-23 10:30

reporter   ~0003334

Dropped wrong save files. My bad. those are with this quest bug.

53 - Vivi 43.47.53.ess (3,876,116 bytes)
53 - Vivi 43.47.53.skse (9,382 bytes)


2020-01-25 01:41

administrator   ~0003337

Works fine for me on both German and English version also the whoel dialogue set up is fine. You need to scroll down in the dialogue menu via your mousewheel or via arrow keys.
What version do you play on?


2020-02-17 09:54

reporter   ~0003368

Have the same bug, playing on the newest steam version, but old save from spring of 2019, i guess.


2020-02-18 00:53

administrator   ~0003369

This is only an issue with the Russian and Chinese translation. I've notified both translation teams about this issue but I myself can't fix anything on this.
As I said before, until this is fixed use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll in the menu. Using the mousewheel doesn't display the last option in the dialogue in this very specific case.


2020-04-16 23:54

administrator   ~0003440

The Russian version has been patched in that regard, it now only is an isse with the Chinese version of Enderal. As described in my previous, you can work around the issue when using the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll in the dialogue menu.


2020-05-22 09:49

administrator   ~0003521

All localizations that had this bug are fixed by now.

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