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0001800Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2020-01-25 04:20
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Summary0001800: crafting plan mesh missing "mass"
DescriptionFrom #support-and-bugs
SkysightToday at 3:45 PM
Recipe "books" float when dropped oblivion paintbrush style
nothing game breaking but figured i should report it
specifically the ones about lycanthropy

The Enderal\books\craftingplans\craftingplan.nif has bhkcollisonobject\bhkrigidbody\Mass 0.00000, which might be the reason why its havok doesn't work (maybe the other values regarding havok need to be checked too).
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2020-01-25 04:20

administrator   ~0003347

I know, and I know that the mass + a bunch of other stuff can be adjusted. However, they get really glitchy when adding any mass to them. Just test it yourself and see how they glitch through terrain and statics.

If there is a solution for that problem, I can add mass.

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