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0001794Enderal[All Projects] Balancingpublic2020-01-15 07:30
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Summary0001794: Dreameater hidden attack multiplier on DOT
DescriptionSince the last update,, Dreameater deals extra damage on "hidden attacks". However the damage increase is only on the direct damage of the spell and it does not affect the 1 second DOT. Resulting in much less damage increase than stated.

Test cases were made with psionics at 80-100, different ranks Dreameater, full Sinistrope tree, "Warrior of the Shadows"(Infiltrator) perk and one-hand and dual-casts. Compared same cast with and without the hidden attack multiplier. The numbers are roughly consistent:
Listed, by the pop-up, damage increase should be x3.0.
Real damage increase is roughly x1.2 to x1.5 depending on the rank of the spell rank/psionics level. Which is roughly the damage numbers that the direct damage multiplied by x3.0 with the unmodified DOT would do.
Steps To ReproduceFully reproducable on any cast of Dreameater as a hidden attack.
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2020-01-15 07:30

reporter   ~0003326

I wouldn't mind the display to be x1.1 without and x1.5 with the perk. Not really accurate, but more balance friendly.

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