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Summary0001783: (Sinistrope) Master of the Dark Arts Trait - Soul Trap Ability Bugged
DescriptionThe last trait of the Sinistrope line (Master of the Dark Arts) appears to be broken; the description states that attacking anything with a bound weapon also casts soul trap on said target. However, it seems like the soul trap ability is bugged as it doesn't fill my gems like it supposed to. As an example, I fought 3 wolves in the Farmer's Coast with a bound weapon and instead of giving me 3 filled soul gems I am getting (soul gem) (quality of soul). For comparison's sake, a soul gem that has been filled properly is called: (soul gem) (filled) (quality of soul). The animation that is supposed to trigger when a target's is soul trapped doesn't play as well (lights coming out of the body).

The icon is identical to that of an empty soul gem and so is the price (it remains unchanged). Curiously, these broken soul gems are available / can be selected when re-charging an enchanted weapon, so they remain functional to a degree. I should note that using either a soul trap scroll or spell appears to work just fine. To finalize, dropping the broken soul gems and picking them again resets them back to being properly empty.

SIDENOTE: I am aware that it is frowned upon to report bugs on a vanilla channel while using mods, however, I contacted the mod of EGO (Enderal Gameplay Overhaul) and the author stated he didn't touch the trait and report here instead. Should it be helpful, I'll post a picture of my modlist.

Steps To Reproduce1. Acquire Master of the Dark Arts Trait. (Sinistrope)
2. Cast bound weapon.
3. Kill anything with bound weapon.
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