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0001781Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2019-12-23 15:27
ReporterbartmossAssigned Tostuemper 
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Summary0001781: Ending Black Guardian Fight with Arps alive can be lethal
Description(I know they're not called Arps, but they use the Falmer model.) I defeated the black guardian with some of these guys still alive, then got too close to Jespar - and got locked in conversation with those guys happily slaughtering me.

Suggested solution: Once black guardian dies, all left over Arps should be killed off.

Either that, or conversation should not be possible until the player has defeated them all. Both solutions would be fine.
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2019-12-22 00:14

administrator   ~0003304

Please attach a save game with which I can quickly reproduce the issue. Save games consist of .ess and .skse file and are located in Documents\My Games\Enderal\saves\


2019-12-22 01:29

reporter   ~0003307

Sure thing. Attached is an autosave from the fight (I re-saved it as a manual save for easier identification). The fight isn't over, but it's the best I have.

Saves.7z (2,319,541 bytes)

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