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Summary0001770: Quest Item 'Key to Fogwatch Laboratory' cannot be removed after completion of 'A Dreary Field' (NQ13)
DescriptionFor some reason in my second playthrough, I cannot remove the key to Fogwatch Laboratory from my inventory. I have successfully finished the Dreary Field quest (I show to give the research to the old alchemist).

This is strange because in my first playthrough, I chose to give the research to the Sun Temple Apothecarius, and I believe the keys were removed at the end of the quest.
Steps To ReproduceFinish the 'Dreary Field' quest after giving research to old alchemist, and try to remove the two Fogwatch laboratory keys I had in my inventory
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In the future, after completing the quest the key will no longer be a questitem. This means, it still can only be stored in chests not dropped into the world, like it is with every key.

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