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0001767Enderal[All Projects] Soundpublic2020-01-12 01:56
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Summary0001767: Deceptive Peace plays in all Ark Districts, player home and some non-Ark indoors
DescriptionThis composition started playing in all Ark districts and marketplace player home. I tried going to Riverville into 2 random houses : this tracks plays on loop there as well. I can stop it by executing this in console : "removemusic _00e_music_explore_town", but even if I restore the music by "addmusic _00e_music_explore_town" it starts Deceptive Peace.
Notes : Sun Temple interiors and Chapel in Riverville play the other composition, and Sun Temple exterior plays no music.
Other note: if I LOAD a save inside a player home\Ark district - it plays normal house music\normal city exploration music, UNLESS I load into another location - then Deceptive Peace starts playing.
Steps To ReproduceThe issue started somewhere between Black Light I and Black Light III. I had no sound issues before talking to Lexil and giving him the stones (that was the last save before the sound bug occurred), and the next save where I have the problem is with Black Light III, before going to sleep and overhearing Tealor interrogation.
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2019-12-09 03:26

reporter   ~0003286

UP: resolved by dailyplanet, can be closed. thanks


2019-12-09 09:09

administrator   ~0003287

No, it's not fixed. Please attach a save where it is bugged. Or even before the sound track got stuck.
Saves are located in Documents\my games\Enderal\saves\ and they consist of .ess and .skse file.


2019-12-09 15:30

reporter   ~0003288

Here. The Sun Temple save is music bug free. The second one, in the Curarium, is bugged. A little note : on the Curarium save, for some reason the music doesn't play at all. So I launch it by "removemusic _00e_silencelongtransitionhighpriority". (5,456,648 bytes)


2019-12-14 08:11

reporter   ~0003293

I can confirm this happens to me too. I usually 'fix' it by saving and reloading the save to get rid of the music

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