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0001758Enderal[All Projects] Crashpublic2019-12-03 23:12
Reportermy70homeAssigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0001758: Windows hangs.
DescriptionWhen trying to enter Frostcliff Tavern Windows simply does not respond and I have to restart the system. I tried several times and always the same problem.

Features of my computer:

Intel Core i7 7700 Processor
6GB GeForce GTX 1060 Dedicated Video Card
1TB Hybrid HD (8GB SSD)
Windows 10 operating system

well hope this helps.
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2019-12-02 21:56

administrator   ~0003280

Upload your save before you try to enter the tavern. Saves are located in Documents\My Games\Enderal\saves and consist of .ess and .skse file.


2019-12-03 02:11


MeetCaliaInTheFrostcliffTavern0001.ess (3,889,895 bytes)
MeetCaliaInTheFrostcliffTavern0001.skse (482,850 bytes)


2019-12-03 02:18

reporter   ~0003282

The game has the latest patch update
I have 204 hours of play time. I had no other problem.


2019-12-03 23:12

administrator   ~0003284

Load's perfectly fine on my end. Your installed mods are causing this issue. Check which one or which combination of mods is causing this and make sure to uninstall them. If you don't only have .esps, you also need to check for mesh, texture and script mods.

Closed as not reproducible.

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