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0001755Enderal[All Projects] Scriptpublic2020-01-25 02:28
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Summary0001755: I am unable to interact with some NPCs
DescriptionI am unable to interact with Surta Summerstone and Darius Floorhammer (they would just look at me and continue doing wahtever they were doing before i pressed "talk". I noticed that if i click on them through console aditional line appears on both of them "lastBaseChange: Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm
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2019-11-30 18:14

administrator   ~0003270

Please attach your save. Saves are located in Documents\My Games\Enderal\saves\ and always consist of two files. One .skse file and one .ess file, upload them both.


2019-11-30 22:15

reporter   ~0003271

That was fast! Here they are

Save 4 - Kervaros Ark Floorhammer's Forge Work 20.20.39.ess (3,583,593 bytes)
Save 4 - Kervaros Ark Floorhammer's Forge Work 20.20.39.skse (3,450 bytes)


2019-12-01 05:57

developer   ~0003274

Kervaros, something happened to your data files load order? My tools show 333 orphan scripts in the save above + errors from "None" phasmalist-related objects in the log when I load it in-game. My guess is the game has been run without Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm for some time.


2019-12-01 11:41

reporter   ~0003276

gavrant, thank you for your reply. Is there a way to fix the load order? only mod i ever used is the one that changes colours of the wandering mage set. Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm is the only one ticked on launcher, and I'm not sure i can even tick it off.


2020-01-25 02:27

administrator   ~0003342

No, there is no real way to fix it, your curent save is basically broken behind "repair".
You can try and load a save before you once loaded and saved the game without having the Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm activated and play from there on. Locating such a save might be difficult, so it probably would make much more sense to restart with a clean save

Closed, as nothing can really be done about this unfortunately.

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