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0001730Enderal[All Projects] Scriptpublic2019-12-01 00:44
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Summary0001730: Firing from Silver Steel Bow causes extra noise in stealth

for some reason firing from Silver Steel Bow (self crafted) is causing enormous amount of noise compared to other bows type.

There are no indication that this bow is different/noisier than the others so I assume it is a bug of some sort?
Steps To ReproduceBasically just get some character with at least 50 stealth and compare shooting from regular bow and Silver Steel Bow from stealth. Most of the mobs will hear you even before arrow reach you.

See the short video below with comparison of runic bow and Silver Steel Bow:
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2019-10-11 22:31

administrator   ~0003225

Thanks, will be fixed in the next patch for all variants of the Silver Steel Bow as well as for the Bow of the Mesmer.

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