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0001713Enderal[All Projects] Settingspublic2019-09-29 14:24
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Summary0001713: Ring of the Spiritualist enhancement not working
DescriptionThe Ring of the Spiritualist doesn't seem to do anything. It says it increases an apparition's HP and Mana as well as damage by 7%. This seemed odd to me, because to my knowledge there is no way to increase HP and Mana by a percentage value, so I checked whether it was actually working (using the console and clicking on the Apparition to get the current HP and Mana values, which are thankfully already displayed without the getav command). The values didn't change, whether I had the ring equipped or not. Tried to have the apparition equip it, no effect either.
Steps To ReproduceGet a Ring of the Spiritualist. Summon an Apparition. Check HP and Mana values (damage can't be tested that easily, but I assume if the first two aren't working, then neither is the damage buff).

Attached a clean save file with the minimum requirements for easy reproduction.
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2019-09-29 14:14


Save 32 - KuPu Old Temple 02.33.38.ess (1,889,961 bytes)
Save 32 - KuPu Old Temple 02.33.38.skse (3,373 bytes)


2019-09-29 14:24

reporter   ~0003208

Note: Just realized the attached save file is with my old clean Data folder, from late April of this year, so without two major patches. Tested again with the updated Data folder, same result.

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