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0001694Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2019-12-01 00:44
ReporterEbonHawkAssigned Tostuemper 
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Summary0001694: Thin sliver black textured piece in Sun Temple near gate
DescriptionUse a scroll to Teleport to the Sun Temple, then turn around and look at the gate.. on the right side of the building's wall, there's a thin black textured block that's visible there.

First pic shows what it looks like from the ground, where two people (a man and a woman) are having a conversation.
Second pic is a much closer view.
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2019-08-26 04:16


blackblocksuntemple.jpg (461,189 bytes)
blackblocksuntempclose.jpg (258,375 bytes)
blackblocksuntempclose.jpg (258,375 bytes)


2019-08-26 04:32

reporter   ~0003186

Sorry, didn't know about the ID object trick (from the other issue I submitted in the Orphanage: The Refuge. Will do if I find anymore in the future (after this one).

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