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0001693Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2019-08-25 17:13
ReporterEbonHawkAssigned Tostuemper 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001693: Wrong / missing texture in the Orphanage "The Refuge"
DescriptionWhen you enter the front door of the The Refuge and continue straight back, in the room with the small little lockbox, there is a tiny rectangle that looks like gray void or a missing texture. It's in the northeast corner on the ceiling in a small space where the wood ceiling beams don't meet.

Pics attached show the map location, and the second one shows the missing texture / void in the center of the screenshot just to the right of the torch my character is holding.
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2019-08-25 13:28


orphanagerefugemap.jpg (544,864 bytes)
rectangleofsky.jpg (414,990 bytes)


2019-08-25 17:13

administrator   ~0003185

Thanks, but next time, simply give me an ID of an object right next to the bug. Much easiert to find that way. You can retrieve the ID by opening the console and simply clicking on the object.

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