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0001685Enderal[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2019-12-01 00:44
ReporterhugeheadliangAssigned Tostuemper 
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Summary0001685: Dismantle bone bow should refund you the might myrad bone used
DescriptionOne big problem with enchanting is that you cannot override old enchantment with new ones, so after further leveling enchanting skill you have to enchant a new item to enjoy the benefits. Normally it's fine, but as the ingredients required for bone bow is unique, once the bow got enchanted you cannot improve the enchantment anymore. It would be nice if we can re-craft bone bow after dismantling the old one.
Unique weapons with no enchantment (for instance, Uunil'yar's Promise) all have the same problem, but sadly for others I cannot think of an easy solution as they are not craftable.
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