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Summary0001681: Two Calias at the beginning of For the Greater Good
DescriptionImmediately after starting the point of no return, I walked to the front door of the sun temple with Calia, only to find another Calia (whom I can't interact with) sitting on a bench having a drink.
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related to 0001958 new Shards of Order Part 1 Calia does not respond 



2019-08-14 04:16


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2019-08-14 08:31

reporter   ~0003132

She is also standing in vaguely the same spot during the cleansing.

My only guess is that it relates to me doing her Two Souls final quest AFTER the star map was deciphered, as that meant there was two Calias, one in the Nobles Quarter and one in the sun temple. The Nobles Quarter Calia then went back to the sun temple, near herself, and got stuck there forever.

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