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0001658Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2019-07-28 06:00
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Summary0001658: "Dust Pit" area: Can't progress 2 quests: "Blood and Dust" and "A Drop in an Ocean".
Description- "Blood and Dust", stuck when "The Beast" go outside the cage, can't move, can't do anything but load a game.

- "A Drop in an Ocean", after I speak with Yuslan, he doesn't move at all from that place.
Steps To ReproduceLoad quicksave, go inside:

- Talk to Yuslan (after he says "follow me", he doesn't move)
- Talk to Rasha (you will go to arena, and game will be stuck when "The Beast" go outside the cage)
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2019-07-28 06:00


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