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0001656Enderal[All Projects] AIpublic2019-12-01 00:45
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Summary0001656: The undead character (boss) Miskahmur in Old Miskahmur in the Crystal Forest doesn't leave throne room very far.
DescriptionMiskahmur just stands outside his throne room and tries to shoot the player with arrows. Even when he draws his sword for melee combat, he doesn't leave the area very far, and the player can easily just stand back a short distance and keep shooting him without getting retaliated against for long periods of time. Miskahmur is a terrible shot with the bow and 99% of his attacks can easily be avoided, and this is a Level 4 (****) difficulty quest to find a Pyrean artifact for Tiwon in Ark. At best, he should advance on the player when you try to distance yourself from him; or up his accuracy with a bow. His fire bow does very little damage to the player (even with no 'protection from fire' active) and this is in GREAT contrast to his sword (which is a fairly normal sword, by the way) which does a one-hit instakill on the player!!
Steps To ReproduceJust playing the game.
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