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0001582Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2019-12-01 09:09
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Summary0001582: Some little bugs (or big - it depends on who decides)
Description(sorry for my English)
1. Corpse explosion (f. e. with Entropic Blood) should not generate meat chunks if there's no meat in exploded body (f. e. in starling technique).
2. There's some error in wall visualization at the Bridgehead Farm (see screenshot).
3. Enchanting skill level and/or soul gem size do not affect the second part of "Fortify (magic skill) and mana regeneration". MP regen is always 8%.
4. "Spectral chest"'s "Current loading capacity" does not count items which have weight less than 1.
5. Vaults at the "Agnod" have no motion animation (but have sound).
6. At the Calia's sidequest in the memories Player can see if Calia is alive by seeing some kind of moving red cloud around her body. In the first and further scenes there's no red cloud, and in the last - it appears. But we can see it from the very beginning of the scene! That's, you know, strange. It just pulls down all the idea.
7. At the Jespar's sidequest Player can transform Jespar's body into pile of dust (I did it with my Phasmalist "Transmutation" talent. And that possibility wouldn't such a big problem (I think, Player shouldn't have that ability anyway), but at the end of scene he comes to life! I didn't tested what will happen, but i don't think that the Veiled Woman can copy some part of Jespar's soul from my "Transmuted soulstone" and bring it back to his body.
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2019-05-14 01:48


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2019-05-14 01:59

reporter   ~0002875

UPD: There's no "the higher your (skill name) skill is, the less mana (skill name) cost" part in the Entropy skill description in the "H" menu. I mean, there's no such text in the description.


2019-05-14 02:03

reporter   ~0002876

UPD: There's no info about the fact that "Spectral chest" spell is not affected by "Dual casting" in the Thaumaturge skill branch.


2019-05-14 02:05

reporter   ~0002877

UPD: and the "Saldrin's touch".


2019-12-01 09:09

developer   ~0003275

As of today, points 4, 5 and 6 have been fixed.

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